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Is Your Listing Haunted?Do your sellers seem a little too eager to move out? Are buyers hesitant to hang around? If so, you may be dealing with a haunted house. Here are some tell-tale signs that your listing may be haunted.

Has there been unusual activity? 
You’ve worked with the seller to stage the living room perfectly and the next day you come back to find everything completely rearranged. If the sellers deny any action, your listing may be haunted.

You set up the home inspection for your clients, only it doesn’t go quite as planned. If your inspector is looking around upstairs and the bedroom door at the end of the hall locks on its own, your listing may be haunted.

If you hear a strange thumping coming from underneath the floorboards in the master bedroom, your listing may be haunted.

If you turn on the tub faucet and pink goo oozes out, your listing may be haunted.

If you start poking around the family room and the TV turns on by itself, but only broadcasts static, your listing may be haunted.

If the inspector checks the fuse box in the basement and you both hear hushed giggles in the darkness, your listing may be haunted.

It happened; you saw a ghost. Whether it was a shadow person, wispy torso or a pair of old-fashioned children, your listing is definitely haunted. Remember, no matter how friendly they seem, don’t stay when they invite you to “play.”

Now what? 
When it comes to haunted homes, paranormal infestation and an unsettling history often go hand in hand. Do some research at your local courthouse or historical society to learn more about the property. Next, stop by the library and spend some time digging through the newspaper archive. Finally, check the listing on  If you find it was once a funeral parlor, tuberculosis hospital or grisly murder scene, the chance of it being haunted is definitely higher than normal.

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