HDC-Business-Planning-Checklist-2329It’s that time again! The end of 2015 is fast approaching and soon we’ll be ringing in the new year. Did you make good on last year’s resolutions? Do you have big plans for next year? Homes.com wants to help you start the new year with a bang and make 2016 a year worth celebrating! So, to help you greet the new year right, we’ve added a Business Planning Checklist and a Social Media checklist for you to download for free!

Business Planning Checklist – 2016

Black eyed peas and greens can only get you so far. Make your own luck by going through this 2016 Business Planning Checklist. This free resource will help you uncork your business’ potential with 15 tasks to prepare for the future!

Social Media Checklist – 2016

It’s time to look back and review your social media strategies. Did you drop the ball last year? Begin again. Plan ahead and embrace 2016 as the year you finally take the reins of your social media accounts. This free Social Media Checklist goes over six steps to help you assess your current strategy and improve your social media position next year!
https://marketing.homes.com/ebook/social-media-checklist-2018-ebook/”>Social Media and Business Planning checklists. To learn more about business planning and organization, visit the Secrets of Top Selling Agents video archive. To access the full library of FREE guides, eBooks, and other resources, visit us at Marketing.Homes.com.

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