In the wild, animals use bright feathers, beautiful songs, or even dances to attract. Unfortunately, launching into a lead generation ballad or capitalizing on rusty tap dance skills isn’t a viable lead generating strategy for most agents. Instead, agents must rely on the power of their website’s “about” page to demonstrate their compatibility and desirability to buyers and sellers. Discover how you can optimize your about page’s effectiveness with these tips!

First Impressions Matter.

If you clicked on a webpage and were immediately confronted with a Picasso-esque arrangement of colors, photo alignments, and font sizes, would you buckle down and start reading or dismiss the page as a lost cause and move on? Start maximizing your page’s potential by evaluating whether your website looks inviting. For maximum effect, your webpage should have the following:

  • Section headers where necessary.
  • Short, digestible paragraphs.
  • Easy to understand flow.
  • No more than 2 fonts or colors.
  • Consistent photo size.
  • Clutter-free appearance.

Me. Me. Me.

Believe it or not, your about page shouldn’t actually be all about you. Instead of pasting a big “About Me” sign in bold letters at the top of your page and listing facts about yourself, use your about page to emphasize how your skills and experience can benefit buyers and sellers. Answer the question “what’s in it for me?”

Example:’s search, content, and advertising strategies all work together to support our goal of locating transaction ready buyers and sellers to make it easier for the agents and brokers working with us to achieve faster, easier conversions.

It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts

Yes, having your about page look its best is important, as is highlighting how your qualifications can help clients, but don’t stop there. Infuse some of your unique personality into the page as well, starting with your page’s headline. Instead of using the standard “About” “About Me” or “About Us”, try asking a question, sharing a relevant quote, or offering an observation. To better connect with the reader, find ways to work your tone or personality throughout the page.

Call Me…

Once you’ve created a captivating about page that draws the attention of buyers and sellers it’s time to offer a strong, clear call to action and a lead capture form. Try out different offers and phrases to find what works best in your market. Also remember to recap why a buyer or seller would want to get in touch with you (your great service, resources, expertise, etc.) and consider offering a free CMA or eBook when they contact you as well.

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