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If you’ve been keeping up-to-date with us at the NAR 2016 Conference & Expo, you know about the growing importance buyers and sellers are putting on quick response (according to a recent poll on, nearly 25 percent of buyers and sellers expect an immediate response). But don’t worry: we’re launching some new programs that make it easier than ever to feed your lead’s need for speed.

TalkNow recently extended an invitation to a limited number of real estate professionals in three test markets to test-run our brand new app, TalkNow. A location-based real estate app, it immediately connects agents with interested buyers within a five mile radius of their current location.

With the TalkNow app, buyers can click any of the various TalkNow action buttons on to get in touch with nearby agents. Area agents who have marked themselves in the app as currently available will receive a lead notification on their phone. The first agent who clicks-to-claim will be exclusively provided with the buyer’s inquiry, info, and contact preferences.

Lead Concierge also recently launched Lead Concierge as an add-on to Local Connect. Its functions are to answer calls, respond to Local Connect email leads on your behalf, and forward qualified callers to you. The program has been so well received that we’re expanding Lead Concierge to work with any internet leads.

With the new functionality, subscribing agents can use their Lead Gator tool to automatically import new leads from other systems into their account. Our team of Lead Concierges will then call each new lead and ask pre-screening questions to get hot leads to you fast.

Lead Concierge subscribers will also receive a Lead Concierge phone number that can be placed into any account or added to business cards, websites, flyers, etc. The number will be tied to your account so incoming leads are routed through Lead Concierge and added to your Connect Dashboard.

Get your own Lead Concierge phone number now.

Teams agents can now contact customer support to add team functionality to their account for free, making it quick and easy to route new leads to their team! Once your team functionality has been activated, invite other agents from the office to join your new team dashboard. From there you and your team can assign leads to team members, set up lead routing rules, and access reports on leads sent to team members. Brokers can also set up teams for agents under their account!

DocuSign Integration

Because your clients won’t stop wanting quick responses after they sign on, we’ve forged a partnership with DocuSign that will make managing real estate transactions online quicker and easier. With this new partnership, you’ll be able to auto-populate lead data from your Connect Dashboard directly into your DocuSign account, eliminating duplicate data entry. Your DocuSign data will also auto-populate transaction details into your Connect dashboard, making it easier to track your listings and contacts from lead to close.

Get faster with Give us a call at 888-651-8956 or send an email to to get started.