Social media is one of the best ways to find new customers and keep past customers coming back more. Having social media accounts is a great first step, but having someone who knows how to run those accounts and platforms to optimize your results is the best way to ensure the success of your business through social media.

Most large companies have a social media expert working around the clock, monitoring social media for new trends and opportunities. As a real estate professional running your own business, you need to ask yourself if this is something you can do yourself or would you be better served finding someone to help. Here are a few things that your social media manager should be able to handle, whether that is you or someone else.


Writing for social media can be difficult; your content needs to engage your audience within the first few words to keep your followers reading and coming back to view your new content.

Having a good writing style is important to your social media brand because the better you write and the easier your message is to understand, the more engagement you will get. The more engagement you get, the greater chance you have to grow your business’s following.

Customer Service

Your social media manager can also handle any complaints or praise posted on your social media pages. Your social media manager can respond to these comments to show that your company cares about your clients and customers whether the comment is good or bad.  

When responding to the comments, timeliness is everything. Having someone there to respond to comments as they come up will greatly assist your brand. A personal response thanking those who post good comments shows that your company is paying attention to their followers and that they are a priority.  Responding to the negative comments is the first step to finding a solution for any issues that may arise.

Having a social media manager to provide customer service on your social channels is one of the best ways to help your business build a great reputation among your customers.

Video Creation

One of the most engaging parts of social media is video. Most social media users love to see engaging videos that are tailored to them. A social media manager should be able to create and edit videos. Being that each social platform has its own format for video, your social media manager will also need to know how to make video and promote them on each channel.


Analytics are everything when trying to build a successful business. Unless you understand where you are and how you got your results, you won’t know how to improve and continue growing.  A social media manager can help you understand how well your company is doing on social media.

A couple key performance indicators to track are reach, which is how far your message has spread, and impressions, which is how many times your post has been seen.  

It can take a lot of work to achieve the results you want from your social media channels. Having a social media manager to handle that will ensure that the business is running smoothly while you focus on selling homes. Managing social media is tough. If you need help boosting your business, check out Advertising.