Free Report and eNeighborhoods publish real estate marketing lead generation ebook and eNeighborhoods, both divisions of Dominion Enterprises have teamed up to offer real estate professionals tips on how to effectively manage leads in a free ebook, Talkin’ About Lead Generation.

The real estate market has changed, but not the need for effective lead generation strategies. The ebook presents 10 steps to help real estate professionals learn to become “real estate rock stars,” including how to prospect online, measure and improve ROI on lead generation channels, nurture leads, and use social media channels. and eNeighborhoods also offer a free lead tracker to help agents identify their most profitable lead generation channels, so they can do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.

“In a changed real estate market, lead generation skills can mean the difference between success and failure,” said ebook author Charles Warnock, director of business development for and eNeighborhoods. “Without a consistent lead generation program, real estate pros may never get to the client service activities they consider to be their core strengths: presentations, proposals, offers, negotiations and closings.”

The ebook provides ideas and insights from some of the nation’s top real estate professionals about their own lead generation programs, and recommendations to improve real estate brokerage profitability. In addition to lead generation, lead conversion, and optimization strategies are discussed.