Your website is a powerful tool to support your current clients with the information and listings they need to successfully buy or sell a home. Your website also acts as a great lead capture tool, if set up properly. If you haven’t visited your website in a while, take some time to make sure it’s up to date and set up to generate the best results for your business. 

Contact Information

Make sure your name, phone number, brokerage, logo, email address, bio and social media links are all correct. If you need to make any changes, login to your profile to find and update this information.

Neighborhood Information

Many of the people who visit your website will find the URL on your business card or through a link in your email. You can draw in other potential clients by creating or upgrading your neighborhood pages. This is the sort of local information people search for online when looking to buy or sell in an area. Having a strong neighborhood section on your website can help people find your website on search engines.


Your powered website was actually built for real estate agents, so connecting your listings and those from the MLS is easy! Make sure you have all your listings by logging into your profile and clicking the “Listing Source Manager” in the Listings section of the main menu. This will display which listing sources your website is connected to.

Featured Searches

Are you limiting your featured searches to the pre-made options? If so, that’s fine. Your website is pre-loaded with some popular featured search options buyers can use to narrow your search. However, you can create and customize your featured search options in the Listings section of your dashboard to create search results that will fit your specific market or niche.

User Registration

Make sure your website lead capture functionality is turned on. You can check your settings by clicking the “Dashboard” option in the website section of your main menu. You’ll find the visitor registration options under the Advanced Settings option. To capture leads, make sure your registration options are turned on.

We appreciate you choosing as your website provider! If you have any questions about editing your site or updating your information, please let us know! We’re happy to help.