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Welcome to Instagram! is always promoting social networks; from sharing your business to just having fun, we know that social networks are where it’s at. Now we’ve got a new one to tell you about. Instagram! Follow us @HomesPro and stay tuned for more fun photo activities for a chance to win prizes in the near future!

Not sure about Instagram? Have no fear, here’s a quick introduction: Instagram is kind of like a social network through the “lens” of photography.  See how Erica Campbell (Instagram: @ericacampbellbyrum), our Social Media Director, uses it in the example below. Also, be sure to follow Erica on Twitter for her suggestions on managing other social platforms to strengthen your brand!

Before and After

Instagram photo before and after

It’s a gorgeous day in #Charleston today! I never want to leave this house! #fall #sc #DanielIsland #love #family #palmtrees #palmtree #southerncharm #south #southernhospitality #sun #fallleaves #photooftheday #picoftheday #instagramhub #instaphoto #iphonepic #home #holidays

You upload images of whatever you like under your name, edit them with artistic color filters, and ‘hashtag’ the photos with words or terms trending in Instagram. You can also create your own tags — you don’t have to stick with the trends of Instagram. (We’ve created a tag for our photo contest, for example!)

A little about Instagram:originally designed for the Apple iPhone, but is now available on Android phones as well can take, crop, and filter photos with predetermined effects it gives you the ability to caption your photos add a geographical location to your photos Instagram also connects with other social media platforms so that users can share their photos on a broader spectrum:

  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • Foursqaure
  • Twitter
  • Flickr

Why share your photos with Instagram? Easy and navigatable interface Lots of creative filters to enhance your images It’s easy to follow and be followed by clients and businesses It’s a very active online community And, its FREE!

Instagram: Camera Tutorial

Major brands like Starbucks, National Geographic, NBC are also using Instagram to promote things like live events, breaking news, and promotions. You could be doing the same with your supporting broker or your own brand! Stay tuned for more upcoming contests and news from on Instagram and don’t forget to follow us @Homespro!