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One of the keys to good customer service is communication. Letting your customers know what you are doing to sell their home is almost as important as the things you are doing to sell their home, like promoting it online and creating flashy fliers. Regular calls and emails are a good start, but over time, sellers can lose track of all the specific things you are doing for them and all they see is that the ‘For Sale’ sign is still in the front yard.

Having a standard form for reporting activity while giving feedback can help remind sellers of all the activity going on behind the scenes to get the home sold. It could even set up the conversation about a price reduction, if that becomes necessary.

The Home Seller Report in your Homes Connect dashboard has been updated to help you tell sellers what you are doing to get their house sold. The reports can be accessed from the Edit Listings app in the Homes Connect dashboard. Fill in all the boxes or just the ones you need to use that month, and you are ready to quickly email it directly to the seller. The report loads up complete with the property address and photo.

Home Seller Report Features:

  • Online and offline activity for the listing, including phones calls, number of online views and more

  • Feedback from buyers or other agents

  • Suggestions to improve the property

  • Overall comments about the listing

  • Activities planned, like scheduled showings or open houses

Stay connected to your sellers with the Homes Connect suite of real estate apps. If you need help with this or any of your Homes Connect apps, please visit our new Support Website. Contact us at 888-510-8795 to put Homes Connect to work for you today!