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HDC-Real-Estate-Videos-Blog-2507-If you haven’t started making real estate videos yet, you’re missing out. Video is a great way to reach possible buyers and sellers and show them why they should work with you! Don’t know what you would say in a video? Here are five great examples of real estate videos and why they’re great!

1. This clever open house video, posted on the Ferris Property Group’s YouTube channel is engaging, humorous, and informative. The video serves a dual purpose…first, it can be used to entertain and brand this “handsome” real estate broker and spread the word of his open house. Second, the video shows off several of the home’s features without giving away all the details of the home.

2. In this property tour video, Reilly Lepage does a great job of highlighting both the features and benefits of purchasing the condo being shown. We get a good enough look at the listing and property amenities to leave us wanting to see more, and Lepage shares some great benefits of its proximity to the nearby grocery store, train station, and university.

3. Jessica Riffle Edwards’ impressive video library of 2-3 minute videos distinguishes her as a local expert. She strikes up a conversational tone while sharing her advice and thoughts on everything from local market conditions to how septic tank permits can affect a home sale.

4. This “about me” video shows off the beautiful community Greg Geilman works in and addresses some of the common concerns home buyers experience as well as why South Bay is a great place to live. He also offers his value proposition, discussing how his use of technology and communication make it easier to connect with his clients.

5. Bob Gordon’s testimonial video knocks it out of the park. The video is fast-paced, using the best bits of his testimonials to keep the momentum of the video going. He uses buyers, sellers, and other agents, presenting a great balance of viewpoints. The backgrounds featured in the video are beautiful and lively, and the upbeat music helps set the tone of the video without overwhelming the speakers.

Have you seen other examples of great real estate videos? Share the link in the comments below! Looking for more information on real estate video? Check out our article on Four Simple Ideas for Creating Lead-Generating Videos!