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As a Customer Care Representative at, my job can go overlooked with all the hustle and bustle on the sales floor. Working diligently all year long, we often go above and beyond for our clients dealing with listing issues, resizing of pictures and logos, and much, much more. Ideally, the customer service department needs to be the “voice” of as we are the main connection between the company and our clients.

Thus, staying in contact with our clients is the biggest part of our jobs, but relaying our clients’ ideas to designers while very important, can be one of the toughest. We are always working hard to please our clients, such as making sure we get things done by a deadline or even before, so it is always nice to get feedback from a client who is happy and appreciates the efforts that we make day in and day out.

The testimonial below is from Connor MacIvor of RE/MAX of Santa Clara and provides a great example of how working with our clients can provide the best results. Check out the video below!