Networking with your clients and community safely can be a challenge these days. As community leaders, real estate agents can help safely connect members of their communities through online networking events. Consider what your specific community is interested in to come up with networking opportunities that would work for your. For inspiration, check out the ideas below.


If there’s a big sporting event, wrestling match, or other popular or highly-anticipated event coming up, consider hosting a preshow. This can be days before the event if you want to talk about planning an event, or hours before if you want to talk about the event itself. Let people know when you’ll be hosting your preshow in advance, and at the desired time, go live via video. Remember to talk to your attendees, answer their questions, and engage with their comments.

Watch Parties

Facebook has a little-known feature that enables a group of people to watch any public Facebook videos together online, in real time. You can use this feature to share your favorite comedy sketches, new homeowner stories, or to put together educational seminars with your own pre-recorded videos. As the video plays, viewers can comment and discuss what they’re watching in real time. Learn how to start a watch party here.

Online Games

There are platforms that allow groups to play games together. JackBox is an option you can use to play a variety of games with smaller groups, or you can host large groups for games like Bingo. Connect attendees to one another via Zoom or a Google Hangout, and you’re all set for some quality fun!

Virtual Happy Hour

Consider hosting a virtual happy hour, book club, or wine session where people can kick back and enjoy discussing local events. When planning a happy hour, consider choosing a theme or topic that will be the center of discussion. This can help give the gathering some structure.

Virtual networking is a fun way to keep in touch with your current contacts, but when you’re looking for new leads and contacts, try Our city and zip code advertising opportunities make it easy to reach active buyers and sellers in your target market.