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Get out your video cameras!’s guest blogger, Jessica Edwards with Coldwell Banker in Wilmington, North Carolina, has graciously provided us with some fantastic tips for using video to get in front of prospects and clients.  First, a big shout out and THANK YOU to Jessica for taking the time to provide and real estate pros around the country, these great pointers for using video to compliment your marketing efforts.

Her favorite way to reach out to new clients, and consumers even, is through her video blogs – you can check out more here at

In the clip below,  she explains what areas of focus are crucial to having a successful video and possibly expanding your audience.

Jessica Edwards’ Video Tips – Guest Blogger for
1. Time Limit
2. Scripting
3. Not over-analyzing
4. Consistency
5. Be Yourself

 Find more tips from Jessica Edwards on one of her dedicated websites: