Maintaining a good reputation can be one of the most lucrative tasks you accomplish for your real estate business. Once you have a good stash of online reviews and build up a large fanbase on social media, the next step you should take is creating video testimonials. 

How Can Video Testimonials Help?

There are many people who prefer watching videos as opposed to reading something. This is where quality video testimonials come in. Video testimonials can help you promote your business to potential clients when regular testimonials may be ignored. 

Video testimonials help you brand yourself as a professional agent and can even boost your credibility. Your written testimonials are great, but they may not create the same impact as a video of a client sharing their experience working with you. 

How to Get a Video Testimonial

Getting a video testimonial can be simple. Once you have helped your client find their next home, all you have to do is use something that you already have to film their testimonial: your phone. Your phone most likely has a camera that can take professional-quality videos. 

Use your phone to take the video testimonial and share it to the channels of your choice. Make sure that  you have written consent to share the video as a part of your business. If you need assistance in how to produce a quality video, check out this blog

What to Do with Your Video Testimonials

Once you have recorded your video testimonial, you may wonder what you should do with it. You have a ton of options for what you can do to promote your business with a video testimonial. 

To start, upload your video testimonial to your professional YouTube channel. Once you have it uploaded, include specific keywords that will help potential clients in their search for a real estate agent. The best part, this is completely free. 

If you have social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram, you have an opportunity to increase your footprint to your social sphere as a master agent in your area. Take these video testimonials and post them to your social media accounts. Be sure to use your business hashtag in the post so that you can have this video testimonial stick to your branding should someone search the hashtag. You can also reach a wider audience by using your testimonial in a Facebook Ad, which we walk you through here

Finally, you share your video testimonials on your website. If you tend to market your website for your business, you will definitely want these to be housed there. This will make your testimonials more accessible and help to increase traffic back to your website. 

Overall, video testimonials can be an instrumental part of your real estate business. Knowing how to create them and where to put them can help take you to the next level in your business. Another way you can take your business to the next level is with’s City Sponsor. With’s City Sponsor Ads, you give active buyers the chance to interact with you. By prominently displaying your listings among the first search results in your city, buyers will be drawn to your listings.