Are you using your iPad to its fullest potential?  Working on the run has become second nature to most real estate pros and mobile devices such as the iPad have made this possible.  Jimmy Mackin, co-founder of, and guest speaker for at the 2012 NAR Conference,  presented his recommendations on how real estate professionals can maximize the iPad!  If you missed the live presentations at NAR, check out the video to see Mackin’s presentation “Mastering the iPad in 15 Minutes” to learn the ins and outs of using the iPad to your advantage.

With thousands of apps to choose from, you may find yourself wondering which ones are most beneficial. Mackin explains why he recommends certain applications and how they are valuable to real estate professionals:

  • Content Curation Applications: generate relevant and interesting content to share throughout all of your social media platforms. Providing this reliable content generated by apps such as Pinterest positions you as a dependable source of information in the eyes of your followers.
  • Document Management Tools: applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Scanner Pro allow you to effectively manage all of your documents directly from your iPad. Using these applications gives you the ability to share, edit, and save all documents associated with a real estate transaction when you’re working out of your mobile office.
  • Marketing Tools:create videos, enhance photos, and publish blog posts that promote your brand or listings. Applications such as Videolicious and Open Home Pro allow you to easily create marketing documents straight from your iPad.

For even more advanced iPad tools and tricks, watch “iPad Apps and Strategies for Real Estate Agents,”  a Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar hosted by Chris Smith, Cofounder of CURAYTOR.