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A long, long time ago, a great debate was spawned that pitted agent against agent and created a rift that could be felt far and wide. The debate: should you require visitors to register when searching for listings on your website.

Then, as now, many agents were opposed to the idea of requiring registration. They believed that visitors would not stay if they were required to share their name and email address with the real estate agent, and that this would result in fewer leads.

Other agents believed that the only way to turn visitors into leads was to require they step up and provide their information. They believed that any visitors who did leave when required to register, weren’t truly serious, and that the remaining leads were thereby even more valuable.

For years, war waged between the two opinions, until one day, a third option arose: an option that allowed you to both require, and require not, a visitor to register on the site. With the new option, agents no longer had to choose between these two extremes. They found they could set their website to a middle ground by allowing a certain number of searches or listings to be viewed before registration was required. They could also allow searches or allow listing views without registration. They now had the choice to let visitors see their own listings, but require registration to see other agent’s listings.

With so many new possibilities for capturing leads, a balance was found where agents could provide visitors with the valuable information they sought and still receive registered leads on their sites, thus, finally bringing harmony to internet lead generation. The agents found peace at last, knowing that it didn’t have to go to one extreme or the other.

In this time of prosperity, agents were able to look beyond the terrible registration debate and turn their thoughts to other ways to Drive in Leads and Traffic to their websites. Comfortable in the fact that they could update their user registration options any time, they also learned that whenever they had questions about their websites, they could travel to or call 866-774-2947 to receive live help and support information.