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Communication is on the rise and it’s becoming difficult for consumers to manage all the information being thrown at them. This “noise” creates a problem for marketers because consumers simply do not have the time or capacity to remember every message they are exposed too. This is where visual storytelling comes in handy, it’s a creative way to share content and tell your companies story using visually stimulating materials like infographics, videos and branded photos.

Where should you be sharing these digital assets? Social media accounts for over a quarter (27 percent) of all time spent online, so if you are looking for a place to increase your contents exposure then social media is your best bet. is here to show you the ropes of visual storytelling and to explain the advertising opportunities each of these social channels offer.


The ease of crowdsourcing on Pinterest makes it a valuable resource to real estate professionals wanting to get their content seen by the masses. In fact, Pinterest sends more referral traffic to websites than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. “For the Home” is the most searched category on Pinterest, which means they are looking for the content you are sharing.  Here are a few tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Pinterest.

1) Show Off Your Team: Highlight all the local experts on your team, this gives other Pinterest users the chance to comment and share their previous experiences with each of them.

2) Showcase your Listings: Start sharing pictures and videos of your listings, keep in mind that adding descriptive texts and call to actions will provide further value for reach digital asset. Furthermore, you can enhance your SEO value by incorporating back links and hashtags to make them easier to find among search results.

3)Testimonials: Homebuyers rely heavily on word-of-mouth when searching for a real estate professional, so be sure to ass a testimonial board where clients and prospects can share their experiences with you and your team


Engagement from Instagram users is 10 times greater than any other platform, making it one of the most effective ways to use pictures and videos to tell your story. Use Instagram’s 90 million monthly active users and 8,500 “likes” per second to ensure your content is being seen. If taking pictures and videos isn’t your “cup of tea” don’t worry because Instagram’s unique filters can transform even the most mediocre image into an eye grabbing asset.

1) Listing Photos: Whether it’s the community or the amenities, each listing has something unique that can be highlighted using photos or videos on Instagram. The downside to Instagram is that you can’t include clickable links, so be sure your website is linked to your Instagram account for users to click on.

2) Featured Video: There’s a reason 73% of homeowners say they’re more likely to list with a realtor who offers to create a video for them, luckily Instagram makes it easy! Instagram allows for a 15 second video to be recorded, use this to highlight key features like a modern kitchen, master bath or backyard. Think about this as a teaser, don’t show everything a property has to offer but make it appealing enough for to make them want to find out more.

3) Don’t Forget the Filters: Take a boring picture and make it memorable by simply adding one of Instagram’s innovative filters or frames.


There are 128 million active daily users on Facebook and they are uploading 350 million photos per day. What better place to tell your story with pictures and videos than the most popular social channel of them all, here’s a few ways to optimize your use of this social media giant.

1) Give Your Photos a Home: Create a photo album for each of your listings so that your followers can find them all in one convenient location. Don’t forget to include descriptive texts, calls to action and links to your websites so that users will be able to find out more about the property they are interested in.

2) Stay Connected: keeping in contact with your followers keeps you top of mind. Although you are a real estate professional, that’s not the only thing they want to hear from you. Give them moving day tips, home improvement ideas or even just ask them their favorite part of being a homeowner. Keep them talking by sharing pictures and videos that can help them in their every day lives.

There’s really no limit to what a picture or video can say, so let them speak for you by sharing them on all of your social channels. These media assets are especially valuable in real estate and they have become so simple to create. Check out’s resources for more ideas on how to create more visibility for you brand!