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No one knows Homes Connect better than our knowledgeable support team. Each and every day they are working diligently to find new and exciting ways for you to benefit from your Homes Connect product and this month, they’ve offered up they’re favorite “tricks and treats” for you to be more successful at marketing your real estate business! Check them out:

Business Consultant Manager Adam Selvidge says:
  • Add social media links to the front of your website
  • Have fresh content on your front page, either from your own blog or a news service
  • Add custom images to each of your webpages to give it individuality and make it recognizable
  • Have a hobby or favorite local location? Create a page that highlights your interests on your site!
Business Consultant Trainer Tim Brown says:
  • Complete your profile for so potential client’s can get to know you!
  • Send out Endorsement requests from your Homes Connect Dashboard’s MyHomes Application to your clients, asking them to endorse you on This will help your profile’s visibility in your Coverage Areas on
  • Sign up for Questions and Answers on to receive questions from prospective buyers in any of your coverage locations!
  • Add many photos to your listings on as this will help contribute to your listing’s visibilty for potential buyers!
  • Add city-specific content pages to your Homes Connect website, such as area interests, utility companies, school information, and local events. This way your website can be a “city guide” for interested parties looking to purchase a house in that location.
Senior Customer Service Manager Brian Wilson says:

Try to make relocation to your area easy for those who visit your website. What would be helpful for you to see on a website if you were in your buyers’ shoes? How about:

  • local utility numbers — power/gas/water/trash
  • cable providers
  • parks/local attractions, etc.
  • daycares/schools/houses of worship
Agent Business Consultant Chris Johnson says:
  • Make sure you fill out your IDX paperwork as quickly as possible! The approval process can take some time so the sooner we can get it started, the better!
  • If you need help, call us! We have a team of business consultants and customer service representatives that are ready and willing to help.
  • Know the process! If you’re not sure what the next step is, ask your business consultant to explain what it will take to launch your new Homes Connect site.
  • Get Trained! (cue the Rocky theme song). We offer several different ways to help you learn how to best use your new product. Not sure where to look? Ask us! We’d be happy to point you in the right direction.
  • Get social! Our new Homes Connect platform has a few ways that will help enhance your social media presence. Also, your Business Consultant team can point you in the right direction to getting started on a social network!
  • Take advantage of the add-ons we offer with our Homes Connect package. From design personalization to tools that can lighten your workload, we’ve got more than meets the eye.