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Agents, have you completed your MyHomes profile?

Your MyHomes profile is your starting point for connecting with local, active home buyers already searching on To see the best results, simply follow and complete the 5 steps.

Did you miss the 5 steps? Check out the entire blog post on how to complete your profile in just 5 easy steps.

Just in case you missed the 5 steps, let’s review our MyHomes checklist:

Update profile information… check ?
Added your agent photo… check ?
Added 5 coverage areas… check ?
Sent endorsement requests… check ?
Set Q & A alerts… check ?
Added your listings….

Your MyHomes profile includes many tools to promote interaction between home buyers and real estate professionals, including the Questions and answers community, the Agent Directory and client endorsements. You can also customize your contact preferences so you can participate as often as you like.

No matter your preference, there’s still one common wish among all real estate agents – more active home buyer leads. That’s why completing only some of the steps described above will only show partial results. The agents who see the best results, add their listings to their profile. Why? Let’s take a look at the top 3 reasons:

1. Listing leads are increasing. It’s early, but 5 times more home buyers are already submitting property inquiries this year than exactly one year ago. Additionally, the total number of consumers signing up on has nearly doubled per week so far in 2012.

Why are more consumers signing up for accounts? With the addition of more home buyer tools like Q & A and Home Values, home buyers are returning to more often. After all, according to the National Association of Realtors, today’s home buyers typically search for up to 9 months before first contacting a real estate agent.

No matter the preference of home buyers, we’re not just seeing more visiting, we’re watching more and more leads submitted to our listing agents.

Extra tip: Mobile traffic is exploding. Over 20% of all traffic is from mobile applications. Did you know has apps for Android, Windows and Apple products? Listing agents receive mobile leads from their listings too.

2. Listing leads are sent instantly. Listing leads are sent directly to the listing agents MyHomes account. Agents with a Basic account can view their leads in the “Lead Viewer” section; however, Basic agents must login in order to retrieve each listing lead.

To start receiving leads directly to your email and cell phone, select your listing package.

3. Listing leads are exclusive. Listing leads are sent to the listing agent only, which means that each of your listing leads are exclusive to you and only you!

Extra Tip: Agents with a listing package receive up to 7 times more leads than Basic agents.

Start receiving more listing leads, post your listings today!

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