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We’re already almost halfway through the first month of 2013, but we’ve got a whole, fresh, new year laid out ahead of us. With so much to look forward to, now’s a great time to make sure you have a game plan for the year to grow your real estate business.

Each month, we partner up with Secrets of Top Selling Agents to connect you directly to the best and brightest folks in real estate. In these free webinars, these professionals get to share the secrets of their success. If you want to retool some of your business strategies, let Michael J. Maher, Jack Cotton, and Larry Kendall help you out by hitting three key business planning points — have a plan, avoid common mistakes, and communicate. Get on the right track by watching these educational webinars and downloading the supplemental planning materials!

Have a Plan 

Larry Kendall is a master at planning his real estate business each year, making each year better than the last. If you want to make 2013 your best year yet, look no further than this webinar. Larry will bring you up to his speed. Don’t forget to also download his free business planning worksheets!

Avoid Common Mistakes

The first step in business planning is being aware of what not to do. Michael J. Maher and Jack Cotton come together to enlighten you in this informative webinar. From not setting goals to not planning for the unexpected, Michael and Jack know exactly which mistakes are deadly to your business. Take a look at the webinar and make sure you download Jack’s helpful business planning worksheet as well.

Communication is Key

We all know that not all communication styles are created equal, nor are they designed for every business. Get a winning communication plan for your real estate business from Michael J. Maher, America’s Most Referred Agent, in this webinar! You will learn how to find and cultivate your sphere of influence Ambassadors; those are the people who will help you grow your business exponentially so you can connect with even more prospects in 2013!
After you watch the webinar, click here for more helpful resources.

These three webinar recordings should get you off on the right foot for planning your business strategy for 2013. Don’t forget – Secrets of Top Selling Agents hosts a webinar each month; make sure you sign up for this month’s free webinar with Linda McKissack. Click here to claim your spot before it’s gone!