Are you looking for new ways to grow your business in 2020? The Secrets of Top Selling Agents podcast program makes it easy to find new ideas and opportunities on the go. In honor of the new year, find the twenty most popular Secrets podcasts below! 

1. Larry Kendall | Ninja Selling – Stop Selling & Start Attracting

Discover secret from Larry Kendall’s Amazon Best Selling book: Ninja Selling. Those following Kendall’s system dramatically increase their productivity AND still actually “have a life.” Listen in.

2. Martin Bouma | Pricing in a Shifting Market

Master listing agent Martin Bouma explains how to talk a seller into setting a realistic price when homes are no longer flying off the shelf.

3. Larry Kendall | Success Formula

Larry Kendall is back with seven easy activities you can complete that result in big results…like doubling your income!

4. Kenny Klaus | Competing with iBuyers – They Are Here To Stay!

Kenny Klaus is a Phoenix, AZ agent who has seen iBuyers dramatically change his market. Are you ready for this coming shift? Tips to stay competitive in an iBuyer market.

5. Jackie Leavenworth | The Secrets of Successful Negotiation

Using an in-depth understanding of the DISC system, Coach Jackie Leavenworth teaches agents how to “click” with any client and close more deals!

6. Ashton Gustafson | Time Management – Systems, Tools, and Disciplines

Ashton Gustafson, the youngest ever Star-Power Star shares his daily planning, accountability, lead generation, and boundary-setting regimen in this game-changing podcast.

7. Howard Brinton | Scripts, Dialogue, Closing Techniques, and the STAR POWER™ SYSTEM

As the financial crisis was unfolding in 2008, Howard Brinton, training legend and founder of STAR POWER, graced our program with his timeless scripts and closing techniques. Starpower stars Nancy Jenkins and Melinda Esteridge joined in. Learn what to say to close more clients here.

8. Garry Creath and Chris Scott | Facebook Leads?

Garry Creath and Chris Scott from The Paperless Agent share five Facebook campaigns that generated nearly three hundred thousand dollars in commissions!

9. Jesse Peters & Michael Thorne | Boost Your Business With The Power of Video

Ready to up your game? Catch founders Jesse Peters & Michael Thorne in this nuts and bolts tutorial on producing great videos.

10. Tom Ferry | Create Your Best Year Ever

Set yourself up for your best year ever by planning your next year with Tom Ferry, master trainer and best-selling author of Life! By Design.

11. Nick Baldwin and Tristan Ahumada | Farm Like A Boss

Join the founders of Labcoat Agents: Nick Baldwin and Tristan Ahumada to learn a seven step process to own your neighborhoods with geographic farming!

12. Jim Remley | The Expireds! Scripts and Strategies.

Join expired listings expert Jim Remley as he shows you his proven techniques for handling expired listings effectively and using them to boost your real estate business!

13. Jim Remley | Master the FSBO Appointment and Legacy FSBOs

92 percent of for-sale-by-owner properties are eventually sold by a Realtor®. Jim Remley from has a system that funnels these owners happily to your door.

14. Sherri Johnson | The GoldMine Pipeline™

Escape the feast and famine life of the typical agent with Sherri Johnson’s GoldMine Pipeline Strategy for predictable, consistent monthly income. Get her Goldmine Pipeline handouts at

15. Jim Remley | How to Price, Package, and Position Listings to Sell Quickly

Price-positioning, staging, seller scripts and a lot more. Jim Remley models what a perfectly organized listing presentation should be with this perfectly organized webinar: Merchandising Listings.

16. Leigh Brown | Facebook for Sellers

The one, the only, Leigh Brown says, “stop being bland and let people know who you are.” Just one of many relationship-building techniques she covers in this classic podcast.

17. Marki Lemons-Ryhal | Increase Your Presence and Leads Quickly with Instagram & IGTV

Learn how to generate more leads and close more sales by using Instagram for your business. This podcast covers why you should use Instagram and how to create updates for your account that will generate business.

18. Interviews | Stacie Staub | First 2 Years as a Broker

Real estate agent Stacie Staub made the leap and left her her brokerage to start one of her own. In just two years she expanded to 3 offices with over 100 agents. Find out how she did it.

19. Jonathan Mack | Generate Massive Leads and Trust in a Tough Market

After only one year of video marketing on Facebook, Jonathan Mack increased his gross commission income by one hundred thousand dollars and tripled his leads. Hear his story below.

20. Denny Grimes | The Power of Three

Denny Grimes shares three client criteria, three market types, and three myths that are costing you money in this informative webinar.

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