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Recently, joined forces with Imprev and added an amazing feature to the Homes Connect platform – the Marketing Center powered by Imprev. This enhancement is now available to all Premier clients through their Homes Connect Dashboards and we hope you have been enjoying the marketing potential that the new Marketing Center provides. If not though, let us take a few moments to highlight some of the Marketing Center’s specific applications you should be using to your advantage.

  1. Take Advantage of the Image and Phrase Assistants
    Within the Market Center powered by Imprev are two powerful tools that will assist in your overall marketing experience – the Image Assistant and the Phrase Assistant.The Image Assistant helps you boldly express to your perspective clients the power of your properties in two different ways: through its stunning library of collected stock images and by allowing you to seamlessly upload and edit multiple images of your own all at once. Whether you are making a stock flyer for an open house or showcasing a unique property, the Image Assistant has the tools at its disposal to help your visual aids truly stand out.The Phrase Assistant is a unique application as well, something that helps the Marketing Center standout as a marketing tool. The Phrase Assistant helps you conquer writer’s block and allow you get your message across clearly and effectively. With this feature, either choose from a library of common real estate phrases and articles or create personalized phrases for your marketing items. You’ll never be at a loss for words again!
  2. Take Advantage of the New Expanded Themes
    The Marketing Center powered by Imprev also includes over 430 new and professionally designed themes for your marketing projects. These designed themes range from modern and vibrant to classic and traditional. We have made sure to include a wide variety of different themes for any possible marketing situation that may want to explore. Whether you are designing another property flyer or decide to go with a new business card style, the Marketing Center powered by Imprev and its fresh, new designs will help grab that new client’s attention.
  3. Take Advantage of the Social Integration
    The Marketing Center powered by Imprev also boasts social integration features to help your brand’s reach expand. Simply connect your social networks and keep your clients in the loop with all your marketing endeavors. Share finished projects, collectively brainstorm piece ideas, and increase listing visibility; all to enhance the overall consumer engagement that your brand has. Connecting is easy too! When prompted in the Marketing Center powered by Imprev, click “allow” to give the application the permissions to post to you business’ Facebook or Twitter and you are ready to start sharing!

These few easy tips will help you get the most out of the new Marketing Center powered by Imprev and starting broaden your brand’s marketing base! Once again, the new Marketing Center is provided to all Premier clients at no additional charge.

Don’t have Premier?  Contact us at (866) 774-2947 or to learn how you can get the new Marketing Center and other great features when you upgrade!

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