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It’s generally acknowledged that real estate agents need a website, but what does it take to get value from your site? We sat down with Marguerite Giguere, creator of the successful real estate website, in a recent Secrets Unplugged podcast to find out what it takes to build a real estate website that is a real asset to your business.

Giguere, based out of Tacoma, WA, created as a way to show residents of nearby Seattle the benefits of living in Tacoma. Her site has helped many potential residents get past the area’s poor reputation and see Tacoma as a great alternative to big city living. focuses on individual neighborhoods in Tacoma. Each area includes information about why that neighborhood is great, what to do there, the architecture, neighborhood testimonials, news, a newsletter subscription form, and more. This specific, detailed information has helped Giguere’s site generate more quality leads than she can work on her own. also has high-quality professional photos and videos throughout the site which, along with the professional design, make the site beautiful and easy to navigate. Her website has already paid off the time and money Giguere put in through the quality leads and referral fees from the leads she sends to other agents in the area. In the year it’s been up, has grown to handle up to eight-thousand visitors a day.

For more details on the work that went into building, listen to the full Secrets Unplugged podcast with Marguerite Giguere. Don’t have a real estate website yet? We can help!

➲ Play Podcast: Periscope – Marguerite Giguere | Secrets Unplugged feed-icon-14x14 Subscribe