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Personalities-August-2261In the most recent Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar, Lisa Archer, COO of Live Love Homes with Keller Williams, shared some of her top team building tips. According to Archer, a big part of building a strong team is finding people with different personalities who can work together as a cohesive unit. As Archer states, “People learn how to work with other personalities. We can’t all be the most important person in the room.”

Once you have your team together, it’s time to think about how to move and motivate them. Getting members of your team working together can be challenging at times, but with these tips from Archer, you and your team will be working together in no time.

Create your vision 
“Keep your eye on the prize and your mission at hand.” These words from Archer are a key component to building your team. While the idea of a business is to bring in revenue, this shouldn’t be your team vision. Instead, think about your focus and where you want to take your team. This should be your driving force.

Archer also reminds viewers that it’s important for everyone involved with the team to know what the vision is. Too often, leaders think their team knows the vision when, in actuality, they don’t. To combat this, Archer suggests walking into your next meeting and asking everyone what the team vision is. If each person can’t give you the answer, it’s likely that it hasn’t been clearly communicated. Try taking Archer’s approach to this situation. She creates secret groups in Facebook for each of her teams and posts the team vision as the cover photo for the group. This way, everyone sees it each time they log in to view the group. If you don’t use Facebook groups, Archer also suggests including the vision in email signatures and reinforcing it in team meetings.

Set achievable goals 
Once you have your team vision, you can begin setting your team goals. Each person should set their own 411: four weekly goals, one monthly goal, and one yearly goal. To Archer, these goals cement your success for the year—”It’s not a to-do list, but a have-to list.” As you and your team achieve your weekly, you’ll already be working toward the bigger monthly and yearly ones.

In order to be sure your team is completing their goals, Archer mentions that each action and activity should be held “achieveable” rather than accountable.This allows you to show your team members that it’s not personal, but that certain actions achieve the desired results. When helping your team plan their goals, suggest that they consider what matters most to them—earning more money, spending more time with family, taking more vacations, etc. Ask how many contacts they would need to reach in order to meet their goal, and then go from there.

Schedule time blocking 
According to Archer, the only way to achieve these goals is by time blocking. Time blocking is scheduling blocks of time during your day that are specifically dedicated to one task. It’s important to schedule time for prospecting, calling clients, and even your next planning session. In Archer’s opinion, once this becomes part of your day-to-day routine, you won’t be able to skip it. She also adds that making this time with yourself is non-negotiable if you’re going to achieve your goals. If you skip your time block, you’ll have to fit it in somewhere else later.

For the rest of Lisa Archer’s team building and accountability tips, watch the full webinar. For more free real estate education including best practices, visit Secrets of Top Selling Agents. Be sure to sign up for the upcoming webinar, “Build a Big Business,” featuring Wendy Papasan on Wednesday, September 30th at 1:00 PM/ET.