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Recruit More Millennial AgentsAs a generation expected to surpass the number of baby boomers in the U.S., millennials are a target audience for businesses and advertisers. Because they’re known for being career-driven, educated, and progressive individuals, millennials are clearly making their dent in the workforce. A key part of the Millennial generation is their dedication to brand loyalty. In fact, 60% said they’re loyal to their current brands. What this means for brokerages is the sooner you can develop a relationship with this age group, the more likely they’ll stick with you.

When it comes to real estate, millennials are hard-working and willing to go the extra mile to help build your company. Millennial buyers also are more likely to work with millennial agents, giving them an edge as more younger buyers are making their way into the market. Here are three ways to entice more millennial agents to work for your brokerage.

Market yourself to millennials 
Create a company image that attracts millennials. Make sure your website is fresh and up-to-date and incorporates social sharing widgets. When it comes to blogging, millennials need to trust the company before they’re willing to turn to the resource. According to Forbes Business, 43% of millennials value authenticity over content. Finally, millennials are known as the social media generation. Your social media presence is of high priority to millennials. In fact, 62% of millennials claimed they would become a loyal customer if a brand engaged with them on social media.

It’s also important to show these younger agents that you are focused on their generation. If you already have millennial agents on your team, highlight their accomplishments. Blog and social media posts on sites like Facebook and Instagram are great ways to show the inner workings of these individuals in your company. It also ties back to building the authenticity of your brand. If millennials can see others their own age succeeding in your company, they’ll be more inclined to consider working with you.

Offer educational opportunities 
Millennials are serious about pursuing educational opportunities. If you’re not able to offer full ride scholarships to business school, consider hosting guest speakers to share the best branding tips or talk about the most recent Facebook algorithm updates. partners with Secrets of Top Selling Agents to create free webinars for agents, inviting experts to discuss multiple facets of real estate from FSBO listings to video marketing. Consider promoting one of these webinars to show millennial agents you’re serious about meeting their educational needs.

Technology is a must 
Millennials are known for being tech-savvy. In fact, 87% of millennials juggle two to three different tech devices in a day. Because of this, most want the ability to work and keep in contact while still being on the go. Companies that support the growth and use of technology will be ideal for millennial workers.

Millennial agents also want technology that they can use to connect with buyers and sellers. Show them that your company is keeping up with the current social, video and other online marketing trends. By creating company accounts for up-and-coming technology platforms, such as Periscope, and keeping them updated, millennials will see that your brokerage is as technologically savvy as they are. To show them that you’re serious about helping them connect with clients through different social platforms, consider investing in Social, a comprehensive social media solution designed specifically for real estate to help you engage with homebuyers and sellers and drive more leads.

With millennials beginning to flood the real estate market, they will be looking for agents they can both trust and relate to. Having millennial agents on your team will help you capture this new business.