Social media is always changing and with that, new social media channels are developing. Most recently, a new, open-conversation social media platform was created: Clubhouse. Clubhouse is not your standard social media platform and is purely conversational. 

Many popular real estate agents have already taken to the new social media platform to run open rooms with topics from navigating a tough market all the way to helping your clients understand the value in their home. After reading this, you should be ready to check out Clubhouse for yourself and use it in your business to gain some knowledge. 

How it Works

Clubhouse is not your standard social media platform. There is no status posting, or photo sharing. There is only one thing: audio. Clubhouse can be described as one part podcast, one part webinar and one part conference. 

When you log on to Clubhouse, you have the option to join into these open conversations and listen only or you can voice your opinion or ask questions of other real estate agents that have joined Clubhouse. There is no recording of these sessions; they are one-time, organic conversations. 

Build Your Profile the Right Way

When you’re building your Clubhouse profile, you may need some help to make your profile stand out. This platform is brand new, so you have an opportunity to make your profile shine above the others as the platform grows. 

Start by connecting with as many people as possible that you find interest in. This can range from other real estate agents to speakers and influencers that help you in your everyday life. While you might want to take this chance to find referrals or new clients, try not to be overbearing in your approach. 

Make sure that you have a profile that is professional and clear so others can identify you easily. And finally, listen and participate in any conversations that you find interesting. You never know where this app will take you. 

Who to Follow

When you join Clubhouse, the first thing you should do is to focus on who you can follow and begin networking with or learning from. You should consider following some real estate agents who are well-known in the industry.

Take advantage of this opportunity to gain industry knowledge from agents such as Marki Lemons-Ryhal, Barbara Betts, and Michele Bellisari who have taken to Clubhouse to discuss certain topics with other members of the real estate industry. If you’re looking to learn or network, you can always search for other followers as you would any other social app. This is a new platform, so everyone may not have a Clubhouse account yet. 

Make the Best of Your Clubhouse Account

Now that you know who to follow and what Clubhouse is, you may find yourself wondering what you can use your Clubhouse account for. There are endless opportunities for you to leverage Clubhouse to your advantage. 

There are quite a few ways you can use Clubhouse, not just for your fellow agents, but also for your clients. We’ve laid out a few topics for you below: 

  • Discuss the local market condition of where you work. 
  • Discuss the process of buying or selling a home to educate your clients – both past and present. 
  • Meet with local small business owners to give them a chance to promote themselves from your channel. This also promotes the area that you work in. 

Overall, Clubhouse seems to be the next best thing in the realm of social media when it comes to networking and conversation. If you’re ready, download the Clubhouse app and get started. While social media is frequently changing, you may find yourself looking for some extra help. If so, Social Fuel could be the next best thing for you.