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HDC_Print_Making_Blog_1200x600As a consumer, I subscribe to dozens if not hundreds of different email lists. Because of this, when I want to go out to dinner or buy some new shoes, chances are good that I’ll have a coupon or special offer in my email waiting for me. However, I have all those emails setup to automatically bypass my inbox. I never see them unless I decide to seek them out. That’s one of the many reasons why print marketing is so important and effective.

Most people know how to setup email filters, but very few have someone to pre-sort their physical mail. If you send someone marketing materials through the mail, they will likely at least see it, and if you stick a flyer in a tube, you know people will want it. Someone left a Chinese food delivery menu on my door months ago, and I still have it on my fridge. Just the act of printing something in the digital age gives it credibility and a certain amount of importance.

Furthermore, in the digital age, print marketing has become more cost effective since you can now create fewer copies and get better results by leveraging the greater targeting capabilities technology offers.

The best way to maximize your incoming leads is to take advantage of a wide range of advertising opportunities both in print and online. wants to make that easy with the Marketing Center, powered by Imprev. When you have the Marketing Center, we automatically create a single property website, Facebook post, ePostcard, flyer, and postcard for each new listing you send to Simply click the links in the email to download your new marketing materials, which you may then use however you want.

In the past, the Marketing Center has been a premium feature only offered with our most exclusive marketing packages. Now we’re offering this convenient and affordable feature to everyone. Call us at (888) 651-8956 or send us an email at to learn more!