You know every seller is going to ask – What is my home worth? The tricky part these days is that they know the answer to the question before they even ask, or at least they think they do. They have done what we all do to get information. They have gone online and found an answer that they like.

In a recent Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar, Garry Wise said, “Never tell a seller ‘this is what your home is worth.’  Instead say something like ‘The Market is willing to accept (this price) for your home given all of this data.’”

And the data is your CMA. It’s not about arguing exactly how much hardwood floors are worth in a particular neighborhood. The point is to show the seller that you have all the data and not just an internet guess at what the home is worth. A great way to organize, adjust, and present all this data is by using the CMAzing tool. It starts by importing the raw data from your MLS, but what I want to focus on here is the ability to do manual price adjustments to the comparable properties, just like an appraiser would.

In the customize section of the report building process, you will see the list of the comparable properties you brought over from the MLS. Next to each of those is an “adjust” link. In the adjustment screen, you can preload common adjustments you frequently make such as new roof or pool. You can also add in any special adjustments that you feel are necessary for the CMA you are completing. This is a great way to show your sellers why the house down the street sold for so much money but their house may not be in the exact same ball park.ImageforJason2

You see, with the internet, it is no longer good enough to simply print off the last 20 sales and say “see.” They already know that much. If you want to display your expert knowledge, you have to be able to dig deeper. You have to really show how a fourth bedroom or a large corner lot affects price in that neighborhood. The ability to adjust the prices of comparables is one of the many powerful options available in the CMAzing tool.