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HDC-Listing-Presentations-Blog-2474Do you ever wonder what sellers are thinking as they sit through your listing presentation? Are they wondering how many homes you sold this year? Do they want to know whether or not you have a GRI, CRS, or SRES? Well, they could be, but in all reality potential clients are more interested in learning “what’s in it for me.” Check out these four tips to make sure you aren’t missing the chance to show potential clients why you are the smart choice to get their listing sold for the best price, at the best pace, with the least amount of hassle.

Be Prepared.

The internet has made it easy for anyone to go online and get an automated value for their home. They will likely consider this a minimum price they will accept and will likely want to inflate by at least 10% to account for their home’s upgrades and sentimental value. Be prepared with plenty of comparative active, closed, and expired listings to help them find a price based on the current market. Check out Alexis Bolin’s webinar with scripts and tips to get from contract to close for more information on setting seller expectations!

Be On Time.

Doctors can get away with leaving people waiting. Real estate agents cannot. Sellers are bombarded with phone calls and CMAs from real estate agents. They know their listing is a hot commodity before they agree to hear your listing presentation. Showing up late is an easy way to convince a seller that you either don’t value their time or that you’re disorganized. Make sure you make the right first impression by showing up on time, every time.

Be Curious.

People love to talk about themselves. Make sure the listing presentation is about the sellers, not you. Ask them questions about how long they’ve been in their home, upgrades they’ve made to the house, when they want to have the house sold by, and why. When you find out that the sellers need to be in a new home before school starts or the new baby is born, you build a real, human connection and deeper understanding of the seller’s needs as well as leverage to help you land the listing. Watch this webinar with Chris Smith for even more tips on the best ways to connect with clients.

Be Unique.

What can you do to get your clients the best price? What can you do to make sure their listing gets sold fast? What can you do to make the sale go smoothly? Share what makes you their best hope to reach their goals. Will you make a 360 Video highlighting their property? Will you feature their listing at the top of or host online property tours via Periscope? This is a great chance to show how your skills, knowledge, social following, and experience can make a positive difference in their home sale.

Start nailing your listing presentations today by showing up ready, on time, asking questions, and making it about them. If you’re ready to start reaching more sellers, check out Local Connect to reach buyers and sellers right when they are ready to engage with you! Contact us today at 888-510-8795 or