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Were you among the millions of people counting down the last few seconds of 2016, waiting to ring in the new year? Well, you made it! Now it’s time to push forward and build the infrastructure you need to make 2017 everything you hope for. Ensuring your online profiles are up to date and representing you in a way you can be proud of is a crucial part of that. Here are ten things to do on your profile to make sure your foundation is solid and ready to support a prosperous 2017.

Ten…Get Logged In

Log in to your account and access your profile by clicking “My Account” and selecting “Account Settings” from the top right of your dashboard. After you’ve done that, click the “View Your Profile” link found under “Profile Information” to view the consumer version of your profile in a new tab or window.


Nine…Check the Basics

Check your basic information. Is your name, brokerage, and address correct? ? If your name needs to be updated, return to the “Add Agent Profile” tab or window and select “Contact Info” under the “Agent Profile” bar. To change your brokerage or address, select “Office Info” instead.

Eight…Approve Endorsements

The start of a new year is a great time to remember the people you have helped. Endorsements from previous buyers and sellers can tell potential clients how wonderful buying or selling a home through you is. Make sure you have plenty of them. You can check for pending endorsements by clicking the apps button at the top left and choosing “Endorsements” from the “My Homes” section.

Seven…Answer Questions

Potential buyers and sellers want to know that their agent knows their stuff. Show prospects you know the area, real estate, and more by sharing knowledge in the questions and answers forum. Sign up for free email alerts informing you of new questions asked about your area with the “Questions & Answers” option, found in the Apps menu under “My Homes.” You can also browse unanswered questions on by question topic or location.

Six…Address Your Bio

Do you have at least 4-5 interesting, engaging sentences about yourself? Do you have any time references in your about me section that need to be updated? You can update this information under the “Profile Info” section of your Agent Profile.

Five…Verify Your Contact Info

Click the “View My Website” button to make sure your site is linked correctly and the domain name has not expired. Next, call the phone number listed under your website to make sure the call tracking is forwarding to your preferred number. You can update website and phone number in the “Contact Info” tab of your Agent Profile.

Four…Connect Socially

Do you have active social channels full of useful, enjoyable content? Make sure your prospects can find them in your profile. You can link your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube (channel and video) accounts under the “Social Networks” tab of your Agent Profile to have them appear on your profile.

Three…Review Your Designations

Are all of your designations and certifications listed on your profile? You can add your new ones in the “Designations” tab of the Agent Profile.

Two…List Your Coverage Areas

Did you know you can choose up to five different cities as your coverage areas? Add your cities under the “Coverage Area” tab of your profile. You can change your coverage areas at any time, so if you move to a new area, grow your coverage, or shift your focus, we’ve got you covered.

One…Update Your Images

Last, but not least, make sure you have a high resolution, properly-sized copy of your photo and logo. Be sure your photo is recent and that you have the current version of your company’s logo. If you need to update either image, you can do so under the “Profile Info” tab of your Agent Profile.

If you need any help updating your profile, customer support is available seven days a week at (866) 774-2947 or by email at For more tips on getting your business ready for 2017, download the free 2017 Business Planning and Social Media Checklists.

Happy NEW Year!!!