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A recent Google survey found that 72 percent of mobile users say it’s important that websites are mobile friendly. The same survey also found that 70 percent of mobile users say they are more likely to revisit a mobile friendly site. The demand for accessing information when and where we want it is at an all time high and if you don’t have a website that adapts to mobile devices, then you are missing out on valuable opportunities to connect with on-the-go buyers, sellers and renters searching for a real estate professional to work with in your area.

Desktop usage is being over thrown by mobile, in fact of the 94 million consumers who visited a real estate site in May, 58 percent came from mobile devices (comScore). The good news is that times have changed and there is no longer a need to manage a website for desktop users and another for mobile users. Responsive web design is growing in popularity, mainly because it offers many advantages over using a “m dot” URL address like many businesses still do.

The simple fact that responsive web design offers a more customized user experience is reason enough to jump on this bandwagon. Not only is the load time decreased, but it allows for the entire site to respond to a devices screen size and orientation. This means that no longer will users need to pinch, pull or stretch images and text, instead they are automatically provided with an optimum viewing experience.

This user experience goes beyond just viewing the site itself, responsive design also offers a better way for homebuyers to tour your listings from their phone. Instead of using flash technology to view slideshows of blurry listing photos, mobile users will be able to view streaming listing videos with the same quality as their desktop counterparts. With listing videos becoming the newest way to market a property, investing in this type of web design can really give your marketing strategy a boost.

In addition to the superior user experience, websites utilizing responsive design will also receive better search ranking, as search engines tend to favor these types of sites. When the content varies from the mobile and desktop sites, users tend to bounce from the site more quickly. Search engines will see this bounce rate and will assume that it’s because users are not finding the content that they are looking for, which in turn will prompt search engines to give a site lower rankings in search results. Luckily with responsive design, the same content is formatted for any device so that the same information is available to consumers at home or on the road.

The home buying process can be long and often stressful for expectant home buyers, especially for millennials who have never been through it before. They understand that working with a real estate professional can improve their homebuying experience, but 61 percent of users said that if they didn’t find what they were looking for right away on a mobile site, they quickly move on to another site (Google). With that said, are you confident in your websites ability to capture these mobile users and keep them from moving on to your competitors?

If you really want to capture these opportunities to grow your business, you need to be marketing in the places that matter the most. With eighty-nine percent of home buyers searching for homes via their mobile device, having your website optimized to allow fluent search from these devices can really be a game changer. In fact, 68 percent of home buyers contacted a real estate professional based on their mobile search (NAR)!

It’s no secret that today’s consumer is increasingly relying on their mobile devices and that it presents you with more opportunities to connect with these users, but this is only possible if you have the right tools to capitalize on this shift in technology. Capturing more mobile buyers, sellers and renters searching for a real estate professional in your area can be easy with Fusion™! This responsive web design platform from will provide clients and prospects with an unmatched search experience and whether it’s desktop, tablet or smartphone, you can rest easy that your website is providing them everything they need to find their next home!