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Late in 2013 released a brand new responsive web design platform called Homes Connect Fusion™ that has taken real estate marketing to a new level. Since that time the Studio team has been working with agents and brokers across the country to take their real estate websites to the next level. One of these brokers is Si Pollack from New Mexico. His custom website is Si is pleased with the results and said he likes that the new website is “Very professional looking and simple to navigate.” Let’s take a look at just four of the custom features that were added to his home page. Studio design

1. Large Photos: The first thing that grabs your attention when you visit his page is the large photo slide show. The photos load quickly and frames the transparent property search bar.

Custome slide show Studio design

2. Customized Navigation: Also framed inside the large slide show is the custom transparent header with his company logo and web page links.*

Custom header Studio design

3. Innovative Layout: As you begin to scroll down the page the other thing that really catches your eye and tempts you to click is the accordion link buttons. Each button expands as you scroll over it to reveal a different image and quick link to important information.

Custom accordion links Studio design

4. Responsive Design Technology: As beautiful as this website is on a desktop the most impressive feature of all the Studio designs is the responsive design technology that makes these sites beautiful and fully functional on mobile devices as well. If you have been putting off updating your website now is the time for your brand to take center stage. Let the design consultants from Studio create a custom online experience that fits your brand. Watch the video demo below and contact us at 888-510-8795.


* Many of the photos and custom content has been added by the agent or broker and are not available to use in other designs. For specific details on designing your own site please contact directly to get started today.