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Have you ever wondered how to be the top Agent?
Sue Adler, #1 Keller Williams in New Jersey sat down with Secrets of Top Selling Agents and to share how she created her consumer-centric business through social media, video, website engagement, and her team. Wow, did Sue have amazing ways to show your consumer its about them and not the sale! This is what’s important to her, and this is how she became #1. If you didn’t have a chance to watch the webinar you can find it here along with many others previously aired. Watching the webinar will be the best way to see the how Sue Adler manages her consumer-centric business, but we have a short summary for you below!

Sue Adler has been the #1 Keller Williams Agent in New Jersey since 2005, she was featured on the Top 100 List for Inman Most Influential Real Estate Leaders, as well as #103 on Wall Street Nationwide Top Teams List Nationwide. Congratulations Sue and thank you again for providing us with such a helpful and guided webinar to successful consumer relationships and business growth.

5 Key Elements to Creating a Great Customer Experience:
There are 5 elements to creating a great customer experience says Sue, and she explains how to do each of the following while showing real examples that have worked for her.

  1. Build Trust.
  2. Community Builder.
  3. Consult Don’t Sell – Caring and Proactive.
  4. Exception Service.
  5. Keep up the Service after the Sale.

Sue says we are now selling homes to the Google generation – the individuals that search the internet for answers and cross reference tons of different resources to assure the information is something they can trust. The generation before was different, as they would pick up the phone because they wanted to speak to someone and the search for information was quite the opposite. Sometimes several months of research will be administered by the consumer before trying to contact an agent, Sue says sometimes even over a year of self research is common.

Since these consumers are doing research on your own, you need to be certain you are providing the best and most information for their needs online. Are you paying attention to ROI? Have you maintained the habit of prompt follow ups? If these consumers are cross referencing then you must follow up quickly before the others do. Keep in mind what Sue explains – “consult don’t sell”, so be sure to act in this manner from the beginning!

Buyer Internet Usage
35% First Step Looking Online
10% First Looking Online for Info Home Buying Process
88% Used the Internet
(According to statistics announced in the webinar, often referenced to a consumer panel)

Sue Adler uses some of the following techniques to meet the objectives of great customer service. Watch the webinar here for more details and how to follow through.

  • Research your consumer’s needs. For example, if the school district is crucial in the house hunt provide your clients with blog posts on your website about good school districts and other relevant details and post it on your website or social media. Remember, they are most likely researching themselves, so make it available.
  • Be proactive with your sellers and potential buyers. Sue likes to use to let the buyers have a feel for what the house will look like the way they want and the sellers will appreciate this because its a plus for buyers. Take initiave to provide additional resources.
  • Make your client feel like you are taking care of them during the entire process. This isn’t just about the close. This is a relationship and a life changing event for your client, so make them feel that way. Introduce them to people in the neighborhood you know with children if they also have children, or host a mixer with all of you past clients – Sue recommends keeping a strong connection with your clients even after the closing!
  • House Inspection. Sue advises all agents to be familiar with all up to date inspection policies and current city problems. For example, in New Jersey some areas were having termite issues and if you bring up these issues BEFORE the inspection your clients wont be as upset and more prepared for the inspection. Do your research and provide them the information. Remember, this isn’t just a sale this is an experience and make this experience with as minimal surprises as you can. It may take more hours and more work, but what if brought more referrals and more business?

Sue’s objectives aren’t met without an amazing team of specialists and she explains how you can’t spread yourself too thin. As the agent, day to day show your niche to your clients and your potentials but it may be time to expand your team. Check out this webinar and see what individuals you may need to bring in to use their niche and your niche and the combination could improve your business greatly!

There is a lot more that Sue Adler provided for Secrets of Top Selling Agents and and you really have to see for yourself to see the full effect of Sue’s system.

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