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Vitrue Facebook Study

Are you trying to figure out how to measure your success with Facebook? Well you are not alone!

Real estate agents are just many on the long list of companies and marketers trying to figure out how to gain measurable, trackable results from social media platforms. ViTrue, a social media service recently posted a survey showing Tuesdays and Wednesdays almost have a 10% click through rate, higher than every other day of the week.

Data was collected on the click through rates of wall posts on branded pages in Facebook. The results showed an average of 9.72% Monday through Wednesday and a sharp drop to below 2.7 on Friday and Saturday.

Although you should still make posts other days, Real Estate Agents should take note of this data and pay special attention to Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Perhaps waiting to post that big listing on a higher click through day would help gain more fans on Facebook. Because an agent’s personal network directly affects their success in the real estate industry the benefits of a strong social media presence are clear. More fans on your Facebook page will generate more home buyers and sellers for your business in the future.

Michael Strutton says on the Vitrue blog, “Marketers should take note of this data and use it to shape their social messaging strategies, pushing high priority updates out by mid week. As brands drive to amass substantial fan bases of 1 million+ there are tremendous efficiencies and insights to be achieved. A successful strategy of fan management on Facebook involves a combination of wall posts that optimize CTR”

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