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 “Every lead is an internet lead” Jimmy Mackin CEO Curaytor.

EVERYONE is fact checking EVERYTHING on the internet (even my kids double check what I tell them on Google). This means those friends of that buyer you helped last year are going to check you out online before they give you a call. So ask yourself this question — when that potential client reaches your website, what are they going to think about you? If you are still using a website template from 1998, they likely won’t be very impressed. Now, you should never judge a book by its cover, but let’s be real, everyone judges a book by its cover.

So if you want to win business online, you should sit down for several weeks and build a beautiful, custom website. Wait, you are not a web designer? So then what? Well, at the very least, you should select a fresh, modern-looking website template that can function well right off the shelf. This should at least keep you from being Google checked right out of consideration. Or better yet, you can do what Dee Evans did and get the web designers at to build you a beautiful, custom website.  

Stunning Images and Layout

The first thing that grabs the attention of visitors on her website is the large photo slide show. The stunning images have been customized and chosen just for her and her area. Because real estate is a people business, she has also chosen to use a large, inviting photo of herself. This helps visitors connect with her even before they meet.

After they have been warmly welcomed by the images, they can quickly get down to business and start looking at homes for sale. The first link on the nav bar is set to take them to her listings. Next, they have the standard “Search Homes” bar front and center. Lastly, there are quick search links just below the first fold that will take them to the type of home they want, such as Luxury. Those buttons again are customized for the area with images that will appeal to local buyers.

Beauty is not just skin deep

Mobile website traffic is quickly outpacing traditional desktop usage. In fact, at we see nearly half of all visits coming from mobile devices. This means that the mobile website experience is equally as important as the desktop experience. Wrong! Although the traffic numbers may be similar, the mobile experience is more actually important than the desktop experience, because mobile users are less forgiving of a bad design.

With Studio, every website is designed with that mobile experience in mind. Built with responsive design technology, the images, buttons, and links all shrink and move automatically so customers can find exactly what they want without pinching and pulling. This is essential to keeping a mobile visitor on the site.

In the mobile image, you can see the main image has shrunk and the top nav has moved into the familiar drop down menu. The mobile user is left with an easy to click “Search Homes” bar and large attractive buttons for popular feature searches. A truly pleasant mobile experience.

But don’t take my word for it. We asked Dee what she thought about her new website.

What do I like most about my new website:  I love the look! I am not ashamed now to send clients to my website.  In fact, I eagerly tell them to view it!! The whole presentation is exactly what I dreamed it would be and more.  I wanted my clients to get a “professional feel” to our website that would convey the professionalism of my group and Ian, the designer I worked with got it!  I could tell him what I wanted my website to “do” and he understood instantly!! I have worked with people that tried to talk me out of what I knew I wanted but not Ian. Ian would ask me what I was trying to convey and then give me choices and suggestions but I was in total control! I loved the whole experience of working him.  I am not a tech person and his patience with me was unbelievable!

I will be updating my site because everything in real estate changes but I know who to call to help me with these changes.  I know they will have even more suggestions as they stay in tune with the latest greatest tools to make my website stay current.  I love that my website adapts to a mobile device without me having to go through another design process to do so and this is only one of many reasons I chose to complete my website! The look I wanted, the customer service and follow up I wanted and the opportunity to grow and change was everything I had hoped for and more!