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Recently we updated one of the most robust tools found within Homes Connect Dashboards, the “Document Library.” For those that have yet to fully explore this feature, the Document Library is an online file storage system available through your dashboard.

This allows you to upload and host several different files directly through your site. For example; if you wish to include a slideshow on your page, you could host all the pictures through your own site with the Document Library to limit site load times.

During this most recent update, we have also made the Document Library available to everyone that has a Homes Connect Dashboard, regardless if you have a site through Homes Connect or not.

So if you are just utilizing the Mobile Local Ad program through or using Featured Listings to showcase your properties and you have access to your Homes Connect Dashboard, then you can being uploading files to the Document Library. You can upload and host almost any type of file and repost the links on any site you wish! Upload and host images for a blog, link PDFs with rental or leasing agreements for clients to download, you can even upload and directly link music files through your Homes Connect Dashboard.

If you have any questions about the Document Library or any other feature of your Homes Connect Dashboard, feel free to give us a call – (866) 774-2947 – or email us.