Real estate is a fantastic business, but everyone needs a break from time to time. Vacationing is back on the menu for many Americans, but if you’re more comfortable sticking close to home, you should still take some time off to relax and unwind. Here are some fun ways to spend your time off in any season without straying too far from home!


  1. Turn a kiddie pool into a mini-tropical paradise. Challenge your friends, extended family, or neighbors to do the same and share the picture on social media!
  2. Start an herb garden.
  3. Go fishing or kayaking.


  1. Create your own outdoor movie theatre. Build your dream theatre with a projector, screen, and some comfy outdoor furniture.
  2. Plant some low-maintenance plants.
  3. Go camping in your backyard.


  1. Spruce up your firepit. Add some string lights or nice seating around a firepit. Consider adding an outdoor bar or drink station for added relaxation potential.
  2. Get inspired by building a gingerbread house (or gingerbread village).
  3. Learn a new hobby online.


  1. Start a vegetable garden.
  2. Go for a drive in the countryside.
  3. Take a bike ride.

Any Time!

  1. Catch up on a tv series.
  2. Host a game night via Zoom.
  3. Go geo-caching.
  4. Take a virtual vacation by touring a zoo or museum.

Whenever you choose to schedule your time off, remember that while you’re away, has your back. Visit to create your free account.