It’s that time of year again, the summer weather is fading and people are starting to break out their favorite old sweatshirts and jeans in preparation for the upcoming cooler temperatures. Unfortunately, many property owners forget how important it is to prepare their home for the sometimes less than desirable conditions that occur during this time of year.

As a real estate professional, you’ve seen the beating a home can take in result of the freezing temperatures, high winds, and fierce storms that accompany the winter season. This year you can help protect your client’s homes and stay
top of mind, by sharing with them the Fall Home Inspection Checklist!

Fall is the perfect time to start prepping a home and whether it’s cleaning out the gutters, sealing window panes, or even draining a sprinkler system the Fall Home Inspection Checklist has it covered. In addition to educating them on how to preserve the integrity of their home for years to come, they will be able to continue fully enjoying the house they’ve worked so hard to transform into a home once winter strikes.

Don’t worry though, has you covered too! The Fall Inspection Checklist allows you to include your own personal branding information. So next time your client or prospect is comfortably kicked back relaxing on the couch looking out at the rain or snow, they will know that you helped make it possible! Share this guide and any other consumer resources at your next open house or listing presentation to give them just another reason why you are the local expert.

Download the Fall Home Inspection Checklist and share it your clients and prospects to give them the satisfaction of knowing that their home will be protected from this year’s wintry weather. Let us know on Facebook about how it went over with your clients and to provide us with any tricks of the trade that you have picked up over the years.