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Homes.comIn the session “Twitter, Technology and Trends” at NAR Midyear with Amy Chorew and Ginger Wilcox some great information was passed along from these two ladies. Amy Chorew touched on five of the top 7 technology trends affecting the real estate industry, and Ginger Wilcox gave an infomative overview of utilizing your Twitter account. Below is a brief summary of both of these presentations.

Amy Chorew on 5 of the top 7 tech trends affecting our industry
1. Social Media is Marketing
“People want to connect with each other, not companies.” Shameless promotion on your social sites does not work as well as establishing yourself as a local expert. The best way to do this is to show that you are a person too and give the consumer valuable information about your industry. Publish interesting statistics and market trends that will be helpful for the consumer.
2. Search is Social:
“Social networks have  increased the size and powers of our trust networks.” Your social network has friends and their friends have friends and so on. The more you connect with your social spere the more likely you are to receive referrals and expand your network.
3. “The Cloud”:
Shared resources of software and information which are available “on demand.” Amy highly recommends using these resources as they are inexpensive, make you more efficient and are great for collaboration. She particularly recommended dropbox and Google Cloud Connect.
4. Mobile Revolution:
“6 of 10 mobile adults are mobile internet users” so if you do not have and utilize a smart phone, get one! When Amy asked about QR Codes about 1/3 of the room raised their hands. QR codes can be utilized in your marketing on post cards, signs or flyer boxes.
5. Video is Viral:
Amy highly recommended utilizing video and posting it on your personal website. You can get testimonials from clients, make short educational videos or even videos about your community.

Ginger Wilcox on utilizing Twitter
Did you know that there are 1 billion tweets per week and there around 572,000 new Twitter users per day? There are so many great opportunities to connecting with new, current and past clients on Twitter. Below are three ways to utilize your Twitter account.
1. Gather Information
Search for people who are tweeting in your area by searching on .Searching local consumers on Twitter helps you further expand your network. You can also search current news and real estate trends and retweet current tweets.
2. Share Information
Share information with your Twitter network. You can link back to your website and tweet industry trends that will be of interest to your consumers.
3. Build Relationships
If you meet more lcoal people through Twitter you will find that you actually close deals from contacts you have connected with on Twitter. As Ginger also mentions tweeting regularly is a great way to increase your ranking on Google as all tweets are indexed by Google.

Both Amy Chorew and Ginger Wilcox offered helpful tech advice and statistics in their “Twitter, Technology and Trends” at NAR Midyear. Be sure to check back with for more great information!

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