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In terms of originality and bringing something fresh to social media, Snapchat is the clear winner! With their fun face filters, integration of personal Bitmojis (more on that later), and disappearing content, it’s easy to see why established social networks like Instagram and Facebook Messenger would want to get in on the hype! Today, we will explore each of these social services, list their pros and cons, and see which one may have the most ROI for you. Let’s dive in!


If you’ve been reading my articles long enough, or are one of my Social Fuel customers, then you know that I absolutely adore Snapchat and it is my network of choice. However, it may NOT be your best option for getting your content visible to a large audience. Snapchat is clearly doing something right if two major social networks like Instagram and Facebook are trying to mimic Snapchat’s success and get users to spend more and more time on their networks. Snapchat has the best technology. No other network has the capability to fully modify the shape of your face, add make up, or turn you into an animal; nothing close. The next best is Facebook Messenger’s My Day adding a flower crown or some type of ornamental headdress. Fancy? Sure. But does it do everything that Snapchat can? Absolutely not.

Another feature of Snapchat I want to explore today is their integrated use of Bitmojis. Bitmoji is a separate app a user downloads that allows you to design yourself as a digital avatar in a cartoon style. Here’s me as a Bitmoji.














You can add your Bitmoji to your Snapchat account and open a new world of design possibility in just a few easy steps. Bitmojis can take on a personality of their own and help you tell better stories in Snapchat as well. Bitmojis can integrate themselves into Geofilters and help convey what time it is, emotions, or even the day of week. Check out the some of the examples below.

PicMonkey Collage








Whether you want to show off a beautiful listing with a “THIS” Bitmoji, a lazy Sunday, or even that you’re up into the wee hours of the morning working hard for your clients, there’s always a way to put a real estate spin on a story to help grow your business! You may think this simple integration is trivial, but your customers will appreciate your attention to branding and personal identification (even if it is a cartoon version of you)!

If you are an advanced Snapchat user, feel free to add BItmoji stickers to some of your images to help tell stories. These stickers can range from encouraging, celebrating, or even bouts of sassiness! To access these stickers, take a picture like you normally would, and click the sticker in the top right corner (1). Then, select the icon with the winking face to unlock the world of Bitmoji (2)! Check out some of the fun options they have to offer!


IMG_0543 IMG_0544

















My Opinion By far, Snapchat offers the best technology with the savviest integrations. Everything is image and aesthetic driven and allows the user to express his or herself in the most authentic and organic way possible. If Snapchat STILL isn’t your thing, I get it. I do. Keep working at it. This network isn’t some flash in the pan, it’s here to stay. Snapchat is constantly growing, changing, evolving and making itself more and more inviting to older audiences to help bridge the generation gap to younger audiences. Dive in feet first; you have nothing to lose but 5 minutes of your time, and everything to gain!

Facebook Messenger My Day

The new kid on the block, My Day, is Facebook’s new program that lets you share quick moments from your life and send them out through Messenger with fun filters. If you are already using the Facebook Messenger app, this is an easy integration! Just ensure you have the latest version of Messenger installed, it’s a separate app from Facebook.  When you open the app, you’re met with lot of options. Never fear, we will explore them together!






  1. The first section shows your recent conversations. This is also where other folks’ “Day” will appear for you to view (similar to Snapchat and Instagram)
  2. The second section is where we get to work! Tap the “My Day” button to add to your day! It will open your camera app!
  3. Section three takes you to the same place as section two. Note: the center icon style will change frequently! My Day likes to celebrate every day, whether it’s Mario Day (Mar10, St. Patrick’s Day, or the first day of spring). Whatever the occasion, My Day allows you to be as festive as your heart desires!







Let’s see what My Day has to help us celebrate this spring! After all, the first day of spring is like a national holiday in real estate. If you’re familiar with Snapchat, My Day has filters similar to selfie lenses. Be warned, these are NOT NEARLY as advanced as those on Snapchat.

I’m a creature of habit; I chose the flower crown. Big surprise. Now, it’s time to edit, since that is half the fun of these photo-based networks! Pro Tip: Don’t worry about spending too much time editing an image. If you can get your picture to tell a story or brighten your day, the time you spend editing is well worth it.
What makes My Day different from Instagram and Snapchat is that this app lets you add text to help you tell your story. Once you finish your wording, you can even add “emotions!” Imagine this, you snap a picture, add some text “House Hunting,” and chose the “Who’s up for” overlay at the bottom left, turning your image into “Who’s Up for House Hunting?” Instant winner, AND it helps you connect with your audience on their level!  

















If you want, you can find something that speaks more to you and your business by tapping the smiley face icon at the top right to open an entire catalog of doodles and emotions. Once you find what you’re looking for, add it to My Day! What I like here is that it does mimic the rest of the networks with how easily you can share content (both privately or publically) and even save it to your camera roll!

My Opinion

If you already actively use Facebook Messenger to communicate with friends, family, and clients, this will be an easy integration for you. However, I do have several critiques of this new service. To me, Facebook is trying to stay relevant with younger audiences by trying to capture their attention in a method Snapchat has successfully demonstrated. This is clunky to use, confusing, and can turn your photo into a cluttered mess FAST if you’re not careful. Also, one wrong move, and you could lose all the progress you made on your photo-masterpiece.

I think you should try it out, see how you like it, but don’t invest too much time here. Adoption and use has been minimal and it’s not available for business profiles—personal only, which is another BIG turn off.


Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories launched a few months ago, and was initially met with loads of criticism calling it a direct copy of Snapchat. Well folks, I’m here to tell ya, it’s like the B-movie version of Snapchat. It has some cool bells and whistles, but the technology piece is not there. HOWEVER (and this is a BIG however) this network has the MOST ROI for real estate professionals!

What I really like about Instagram Stories is that if you’re already an active Instagram user, your audience is built-in. You don’t need to build a community from scratch like in Snapchat or rely on folks to open up Facebook messages to see your content like in Facebook Messenger’s My Day. When I post to Instagram Stories, my personal content is viewed 5x more than on Snapchat. I have about 700 followers on my personal Instagram account, which means those 700 folks have an opportunity to see my normal content, and content for Stories.

I also like that you have the capability to go “Live” on Instagram Stories to receive priority placement in the stories section of the news feed! Imagine the possibilities! Similar to going live on Facebook, the longer your broadcast, the longer you will have preferred placement on the Stories newsfeed. However, once your live broadcast ends, so does your preferred placement. Never fear, you can save the video and repurpose on any social network to make your time going live work for you!

My Opinion Like the rest of the messaging apps, you can make some fun doodles with Instagram Stories! Add in tasteful stickers that convey your message, add your location, and you’re set! It’s fast, easy, and you’re relevant and in the game!

If you need some in-depth help, check out my fast tutorial here for some quick step-by-step instructions I made for our 25th Anniversary celebration. Trust me, the information is still relevant!

Bottom Line

Social networks are constantly evolving to meet the needs of demanding audiences! For real estate professionals that already have a solid footing in Instagram, Instagram Stories is a great way to help you expand your brand and influence. If it were up to me, leave Facebook Messenger’s My Day. Not worth the time and hassle. And Snapchat? Well, you know how I feel about Snapchat. As always, if you have any questions about this content, or want to bounce some ideas off of your Social Media Account Manager, we’re here for ya! 866-236-0313! Make that hotline bling! Until next time, thanks for getting social with me!