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It’s the first day of the Coldwell Banker Generation Blue Conference in Las Vegas, NV. This conference offers endless opportunities to learn more about mobile marketing, social media, list pricing, search engine optimization, building trust and more. Throughout the conference we will be posting information regarding hot topics of discussion at this conference and in the real estate industry in general, so keep coming back!

We’ve all heard the buzz about social media marketing. Many shout the benefits of dedicating time to these types of marketing efforts, while others believe it’s just a fad. At Generation Blue a social media rock star panel will convene to discuss this very subject.

Maya Paveza, real estate agent with Coldwell Banker and social media rock star says, “Social Media is here. It’s now…and it’s not going anywhere.”
The benefit of incorporating social media into your real estate advertising efforts is that social media helps you meet the consumer at their point of need. You can harness the power of social media marketing to engage and build relationships with peers, prospects and current clients on their turf.  To complement your social media efforts, Christophe Choo, Coldwell Banker real estate agent and social media expert, also recommends using video. “Basically everything we’re doing now is about video because that’s how people are finding things,” said Choo. “Go to Google and you’ll find my videos about local communities, events, activities and homes.”

Social media and video allow you to enhance your connection with the local community and help to establish yourself as an expert. Fellow social media rock star panelist Jessica Edwards can attest to the strength of online videos through her video blog and On Location videos.  “Gone are the days where opening up the Sunday paper and sticking the sign in the yard. It doesn’t work that way anymore,” said Ms. Edwards. “It is absolutely crucial to be part of social media, blogging and On Location videos. That’s the future of real estate.”

Through her videos Jessica noticed an increase in her Facebook fans, but in addition an increase in phone calls. Through her videos, prospects can identify her as a professional who knows what she’s doing and would work with and for them throughout the process.

Want to take it to the next level? The social media rock stars will teach you how to use social media, how to build relationships to get the ROI to get the closings and get those listings.  Learn how to position yourself and what to do in the social space to get results on


Photo: Rockstar, N1NJ4