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Many of you may already be using social media in your personal life, but what about using these channels to build your business. Use of social media is expected to grow 75% this year, and by 2011 half of all adults online will use social networks. [ETarticle]

What is social media? Social media describes a set of web-based tools and technologies that enable shared community experiences, both online and in person.

How does this apply to real estate? Socialmedia is turning into social commerce with more and more social media spending each year. Smart marketers are finding ways to connect with people and build relationships using social media tools. Estimates for the growth of social media are huge, as more Gen X and Gen Y customers come of age.

  • Social media tools develop into valuable business tools
  • Make community and personal connections
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Follow through

Here are some ideas for putting social commerce to work in real estate:

  • Choose the social media channels that are used by your prospects and clients.
  • Use social commerce to get your message across.
  • Like any other form of marketing, measure your results and improve your tactics.

Social commerce sites are filled with real estate agent profiles that were posted once and never maintained. If you choose to market yourself through social networks, stay active and involved!