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This month in the Social Fuel Newsletter, we will be covering Optimal Posting Times and how it can help YOUR business GROW! Growing your business and the success of your various social media sites is closely correlated with when you’re posting your valuable content.

What is it?

Definition: Knowing when the majority of your social followers are online; thus, giving content more visibility and making it more engaging.Think of using social media and posting important content as an extension of your business; planning to reach the most users possible.

Why is Optimal Posting Time Important?

Maximum Exposure/Content Visibility

More Visitors to Social Sites

Higher Content Engagement

What Does It Mean For ME?

Say for example you have a new listing, and you want to get as many eyeballs on it as possible. Posting that listing during your optimal times on any of your social networks can yield more clicks, comments, likes and ENGAGEMENT. (And that’s what you’re after, right?)

The infographic below highlights each social network’s best time to post, and what times to avoid. When planning content, sometimes you need to think of your personal habits– if you find yourself scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed in the late afternoon during a break, chances are a lot of other folks are having the same idea. You can even go so far as to ask your friends, family, office mates or clients when they like to check their social sites. Once you start to see the pattern forming, take that information and run with it!

Remember too, social media is not an exact science, so don’t get discouraged if your trial and error and content experimentation have a few errors. Take that experience and turn it into something positive.

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What if my Optimal Posting Time isn’t a good time for ME to post?

We have a solution: Schedule your posts! Take time each week to schedule content when your community is online, and make like a slow cooker: Set it and Forget it! (Until it’s time to see how your posts performed, and schedule new content.)

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How to Find Your Individual Metrics

Once your Facebook Business Page has 30 likes, you can “unlock” the Insights feature.


Once there, Click on Posts, and you will see detailed and easy to read graphs of how many people are online during each hour. It’s that easy!

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Explore each of the tabs inside of Insights to help you gain a better understanding of who your social media audience is, what they like, and how you can better serve their needs. Don’t worry, you won’t click a wrong button. Just remember, you’re just one “back button click away” from where you were previously.

That’s it for this month! Stay tuned for what we have up our sleeves next time! As always, if you have more questions, or would like to schedule more training on this topic, call your Social Media Specialist at 866-236-0313 and we’ll get you going!