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If you haven’t heard of Secrets of Top Selling Agents, you’re missing out! Secrets puts the tips and techniques of real estate’s biggest successes into your hands so you can grow your own business. Here we’ve pulled together top tips from Tom Ferry, Larry Kendall, and Chris Smith on creating a strong business. Use these tips to reach your 2019 business goals, and be sure to register for the next live webinar at SecretsofTopSellingAgents.com to ask any questions you have!

Tom Ferry’s Tips on Creating Your Best Year Ever!

Are you ready for your best year ever? In this great webinar, Tom Ferry discusses ambition, the 5 disciplines, innovation, and more to get you pumped up and excited to try his proven techniques. Learn more about the 5 disciplines in the webinar below, then watch his recorded webinar to get inspired to succeed in 2019. As he explains, “These 5 disciplines will become the cornerstone of the type of business that will grow and be sustainable.”

  1. Goals.

What is your clear, specific, measurable, meaningful goal for the year, and why is it important to you? “If your motive to act is really strong, you’ll go do it.” Ask yourself, “How many sales do I want to make this year?” or “How much profit do I want to bring in?” and make that your goal.

  1. Reverse engineer the numbers.

Once you have a goal, figure out how many homes you need to sell to reach your goal. “Know and act on your daily number.”

  1. Scoreboard everything.

“If it matters, you’ve got to measure it.” Show your marketing frequency, marketing plan, how many leads you’ve generated, how many appointments you’ve had, etc.

  1. Celebrate!

Celebrate and reinforce the positive. It’s easy to dwell on your problems, that’s why it’s important to remember to celebrate your successes, even if they’re small. Celebrate them over and over again to “reinforce the success. Reinforce the positive.”

  1. Up your cadence of accountability.

Remind yourself of what it takes to achieve your goal every day, not just every once in a while. “The more frequency of accountability, the better the results.” You can also use a peer or mastermind group to keep you on track.

Larry Kendall’s Tips to Stop Selling & Start Attracting

There are three success keys that Larry Kendall, creator of the Ninja Selling system, insists will help you create the business you desire. The idea is that by aligning your mindset, skillset, and actions to work towards the same goal, you can create the foundation of lead sources you need for a strong business. Find his tips below and watch the recorded webinar for more details, case studies, and examples.

Your Mindset

Kendall defines mindset as how you run your brain and emotional energy. According to him, it’s the most important of the three success keys. Psychologists explain that a human chooses to either be a player or a victim. Your mindset affects your “vibe,” which is generated by what you’re thinking and feeling and is very important in sales. Before you do anything, you have to get into a positive mindset.

Many real estate agents are very transaction-focused, so they’re always pursuing the next deal or lead. Try changing your mindset to a referral focus. Most people know at least four people who will be moving this year. Ask yourself how you can win that business. By building and maintaining relationships with your clients, you have the potential to generate 4 referrals per year from each client. Plus, you’ll be there for your original client when they buy a house 7-9 years down the road. Focus on the lifetime value of the client.

Your Skillset

Stop selling and start attracting! “People love to buy, but they hate to be sold.” Never put pressure on your leads and clients or they’ll block you out or reject you. Instead, create value. People will pay for two things: to solve a problem and to feel good. Personal touches like writing notes will help your clients feel good.

To find out what their problem is, you have to ask questions.

F – Family/friends – Ask after their family and friends.

O – Occupation – Talk about how their job is going. Are they in line for a promotion?

R – Recreation – What do they do for fun? What are they doing this weekend?

D – Dreams – What do they want for themselves or their children?

Ask these questions and listen for change. A change in any of these core areas could affect their real estate needs. People love to talk about these things too, making this technique of attracting rather than selling very effective and easy.

Your Actions

In general, people are very good at setting goals but bad at achieving them. To achieve them, you have to align the actions you complete on a daily and weekly basis (i.e. short-term goals) with your long-term goals. You can know what to do, but nothing changes unless you actually do it.

The average person knows about 12 real estate agents, so how do you become the agent of choice? With flow. Flow is the frequency of interaction you have with your clients, whether it’s through face to face conversation, by phone, text, email, or mail, or through social media sites like Facebook. Increase your flow to stay in touch and build positive relationships with each of your clients, increasing your referral base.

Chris Smith’s Secrets to Increase Your GCI 50% this Year

Increasing your GCI by 50% this year may sound too good to be true, but with the right plan and belief in yourself, you can do it. Chris Smith, one of real estate’s most influential people, shared 12 steps to increase your gross commission income by 50% in twelve months. Find the first six steps below, and if you like them, watch the full recorded webinar here.

  1. Invest in design.

Do your marketing materials and website make you look like a professional, serious business person? Most real estate agents don’t come from a design background, so whether you need a logo, listing presentation, flyer, or photo edited, there’s a crowd-source option you can use to ensure your materials look beautiful and modern. Tools like Canva, Haiku Deck, Elance, 99designs, or PicMonkey are all great resources to improve your design.

  1. Take some of the focus off of yourself.

If everything is plastered with your photo, it can come across as cheesy and not very helpful. Instead, focus on the market and the area instead of making all your marketing about yourself.

  1. Do the basics better!

“The basics are what win. Like picking up the phone, returning emails quickly, providing great service. All of those things win.” Focus on doing the obvious parts of your job better; reach out to expired listings showing them how you can help them better than their previous agent. Use the same buyer intake sheet for every new buyer you work with so you don’t have to rely on your memory to help different clients. Little efforts like that add up.

  1. Change the way you follow up.

Right now you may be following up by the time and date new leads come in. Instead, you should be following up based on when people engage with you. Track your database’s last activity instead of when they actually contacted you; if they open one of your emails, visited your website, or liked one of your social posts, it may be a good time to reach out to them again.

  1. Stop guessing about ROI.

The biggest mistake agents are making is that they’re guessing. They don’t know what the return on investment is for their various marketing programs. If you’re going to invest in something, you need to know that it is generating business for you.

  1. Past client email follow up.

Everyone wants more leads and better conversion, but many agents overlook the value of email follow up with past clients. You have to take time every month to send out an email that educates, entertains, or creates a conversation. If it does all three, that’s even better!

There’s more than one road to a successful real estate career, learning how other agents have found success is a great place to start. Another way to succeed is by partnering with companies like Homes.com. We’re here to help with all your advertising, social media, SEO, and website needs.