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Reputation & Visibility, Social Media, and Online Marketing

Homes Media Solutions is now offering Real Estate Agents a product to maintain their Reputation and Visibility on the internet while increasing their exposure online with Online Marketing including Social Media. The program is called Search Impact and we will provide reputation management and reputation building.

Don’t feel overwhelmed, is here to help with Search Impact.

What does that mean?

Well, first we will be your social media assistant and provide training, advice, and guidance with your online marketing. This monthly service has the potential to improve your rankings, however, that is not our primary focus. The objective is to build your reputation and increase your business by sending traffic to your social media and web pages.

Rankings, Traffic, Search, What does this all mean to an Agent?

Search Engine Optimization SEO is in layman’s terms, let’s say your potential client types “Atlanta real estate agent” and you want your name to be on the first page of results – SEO is improving your visibility to the search engines so they pull your information over your competition. This product will have the tools to evaluate where your exposure is on the Internet and how to improve it. High competition rankings, for example, “real estate agent” are much more difficult to increase visibility and local-focused keywords can be doctored up more quickly because of the general competition decrease. This is perfect for agents because the majority of you have a geographical region of focus and Search Impact will evaluate your stance on the Internet and advise you where to input your information next. Common instances would be online directories where you need to create or claim your business profile.

What about this Social Assistant?

First, did you know that according to the NAR profile of buyers and sellers 70% of transactions in 2010 were from referrals. Wow! Make sure you see America’s Most Referred Agent, Michael Maher’s webinar in last month’s blog about increasing referrals. If you could reach half of your referrals through social media, why wouldn’t you take advantage of having an assistant? Also included:

  • Creation of Business Page – Check out ours dedicated to you!
  • Monthly maintainence including engagement and activity
  • Cross promotion via Our Neighborhoods Network
  • Webinar Invite for leveraging social media aspect of business development

What’s the difference between online marketing and advertising?

An easy way to distinguish the two is advertising is a paid inorganic branding process that a consumer is obligated to come in contact with. Of course, you can fast forward the DVR, flip past the magazine or close out the popup window, but with online marketing you are working behind the scenes to brand yourself naturally to the consumer. With good ethical online marketing the consumers will either be routed to you because of your online footprint or be routed to your because the search engines have recognized your increased exposure versus your competition.

Search Impact will service you to best match your business specifically to your needs. We have a thorough understanding of SEO, Reputation Management, and Real Estate with that said endorsing your business online is our niche. Keyword research, website optimization, and implementation of other savvy tools can set you apart from the rest.

This monthly service is now available to you and could be the next big thing to improve your business for 2012! Contact today or write SEARCH IMPACT on our Facebook Wall for more information to be sent to you. Reputation and Visibility is crucial in the real estate industry and any business that relies on referrals, take care of yours now!