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MENUMENU Recruiting Top Talent in 2014

Sixty five percent of brokers say that recruiting top talent is the most crucial business challenge they face today (Imprev thought survey).  Having a team of well connected agents with a strong online presence and local following should be a key consideration this year for brokers. It’s a good bet that if buyers and sellers are flocking to them, you should be too. So in the same manner that a homebuyer searches online for a real estate pro to represent them via reviews sites, recommendations from their peers on Facebook and otherwise, brokers should be following suit. Let’s explore some ways in which you can nab the top agents and why their social marketing talents can build your empire .As a broker, you are pretty well connected and know several local agents. If you’ve had your eye on a particular top-performing agent in your area, check them out by simply turning to your fave search engine, social network or review site.  Search for “Jane Smith real estate [your city name here]” or just “real estate agent [your city here].”  You’ll be amazed at how many different sources populate for that agent – if they’re successful at marketing themselves that is.  You might see links to their broker’s site, their listings within online real estate listing portals, but the more surprising part is their social channels like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIN and Yelp! will show up at the top of the list.  Take a look at the results page for our friend, and previous Secrets of Top Selling Agents host, Raj Qsar in Orange County, CA.  His social media presence across several networks and the marketing efforts invested there are pretty evident here and that is clearly paying off.

Social media plays an increasingly critical role in being found. Search engine gurus are reporting that Google’s algorithms are increasingly relying on signals from social networks because users are actively curating and engaging with the content there (Search Engine Watch). Pages with a high number of likes, shares, tweets and plus ones stand out because of a very high volume of social signals. Consumer activity on social networks continues to rise and content that they’re engaging with is increasingly correlating with good rankings (Search Metics). That is why writing, posting and sharing helpful information is key and those talented agents are mastering that art.

Content is King. It’s not only about being found, but the good agent candidates are marketing their social pages and review sites with the right content.  Search Engine Watch also notes that content marketing is bigger than ever.  Agents that are providing useful content targeted to buyers and sellers and are regularly interacting with their audience are winning the game here and understand what drives engagement in the form of likes, shares, comments, retweets, and ultimately builds relationships. Talking about local events and community businesses, schools and neighborhoods, local charities, guides and checklists, and topics that appeal to their audience shows that they’re authentic, and (pun intended), neighborly!  This is the type of agent that will likely have those glowing testimonials on review sites like Google+ Local, Yelp, Bing Local, Yahoo! Local and their other marketing channels as well.

In summary, when you think of investing in your brokerage and really building it up to be its strongest, your team needs prize players with a solid network relationships that they’ve nurtured by regularly interacting with them and providing them with helpful information.  In return, they ‘like’ and ‘follow’ you and recommend you to their friends.  Isn’t that how it goes offline too? So scout these players and monitor their reputation by curating their sites on your own and bring them on board!  And, equally as important, invest in the technology that can aid in your search for the top talent and in expanding and monitoring your own brand with the help of our social marketing solution, Social Impact.

Have any recruiting tips? Any luck landing top agents through social media and review sites?  Tell us by dropping a comment here or joining the conversation on our Facebook page!