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Great news for advertisers—we are driving more traffic to your listings than EVER!

On Monday, July 18, hit several major traffic milestones, including highest number of page views, highest number of visits and highest number of unique visitors EVER! Monday’s unique visitor count represented a 7% increase over the previous record and an 88% increase over the same day last year. In addition, saw the longest visit time on this day among all major real estate portals, beating out, Zillow, Trulia and others! This means visitors to looked at homes for sale and rent longer than they did on any other major real estate portal.’s traffic is growing all the time! More visits to our site mean that more consumers are viewing your listings.’s record breaking number of page views per visit and longer average visit time is a valuable indicator of user engagement and audience quality, because it shows that visitors are engaging seriously with the content, not merely passing through. visitors are serious about finding their next home, and it could be one of your listings!

More consumers than ever are seeing listings on, so make sure they are seeing your properties by purchasing Featured Listings!