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How do we love you? Let us count the ways.We hope you don’t think we’re being too forward, but today, we want you to be our Valentine. We must say, we’re smitten by your savvy business abilities and your smart marketing techniques. Your contract negotiating and your skills with a lock box. But there’s so much more we see in you. How do we love you? Let us count the ways. 

5. You’re Prepared for Anything
No matter how much scheduling or preparation you’ve done for your day, you know that everything could change at the drop of a hat. You go with the flow. You’re so prepared that you could shock some with the contents of the trunk of your car — zip ties, flashlight, yard signs, sledgehammer … and the list goes on. Your phone is always on, be it day, night, weekend, or holiday, and you happily meet with clients at a moment’s notice.

4. You Move with the Times
The real estate industry is constantly changing, but you don’t let that hold you back. Between classes and seminars and continuing education, you’re on the ball, keeping up with the latest gadgets and the newest local market trends. Shifting markets can cause chaos, but you’ve got it under control. You’re willing to go the extra mile to be sure you’re offering the very best to your clients.

3. You’re a Networking Extraordinaire
Let’s face it. No one makes connections like you. You know the local area and can refer clients to a number of locations on a whim. From professional stagers to electricians to local dining, you know the businesses in your neighborhood like the back of your hand. Clients trust that they can come to you for recommendations and that you’ll steer them in the right direction.

2. Your Customer Service Skills
Real estate is a helping profession. You’re working with clients who are making life changing decisions and need your guidance to take the next step. You know how to play therapist and also how to handle the tough clients. Through long hours and constant phone calls, you’re able to see the silver lining. Helping someone find their dream home means you’re making a huge impact on their life. You’re often invited to birthday parties, weddings, or even baby dedications because you’ve created that one of a kind connection.

1. Your Entrepreneurial Spirit
You took a chance and started something, and you fought to be where you are today. Your persistence to build yourself up is motivational. Whether you’re with an office or working on your own, your courage to take that leap is inspiring. When you have a rough day, you keep going, knowing you have one of the best jobs ever.