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This week, we had the pleasure of sponsoring a webinar with Secrets of Top Selling Agents, hosted by the Queen of Scripts and Dialogues, Alexis Bolin. In her presentation, she tackled common client objections head on with practical and sensible scripts, as well as divulging the appropriate “homework” to do before you interact with clients (figuring out the seller’s reasoning for selling, what’s most important to the seller, etc.).

Some of the most common objections real estate agents face:

  1. We want to look at lots of homes.
  2. We’re not in a hurry.
  3. We have a home to sell first.
  4. The price is too high. 
  5. We’re not sure about the home’s features and amenities.
  6. We need our friends and family to approve of this.
Alexis says you can combat those objections by using any of the following scripts:
  1. Getting to the front of the line.
  2. The “dress size”. 
  3. The “worry price”.
  4. Don’t be upset at these people.
  5. The “Right House” and the one way you’ll know.
  6. The choice is yours.
  7. The “sparkle” in your eyes. 
For access to Alexis’s detailed scripts and the tips she shared in the webinar, you can click here to view a recording at any time!
Right after the webinar, and Alexis joined us on our Facebook page for real estate professionals, Homes Connect, for a LIVE chat about scripts and dialogues. So many of our friends came together with excellent questions for Alexis.
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Also, stay tuned to Homes Connect on Facebook for future LIVE chats from our Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar speakers!