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MENUMENU - Pinterest - Real EstatePinterest is the latest fun and exciting way to share images and promote your business creatively online. Rumor has it you make your own luck – well, if you can here’s is how you can do it with Pinterest and your business.
Be sure you read the blog about how to get started on Pinterest. With all this pinning, liking, repinning and other Pinterest secret language; take the time to review the basics. It’s fun, we promise. Probably too much fun for business which makes it perfect for reaching new clients. As an agent or real estate professional, any business for that matter you want to make money. The overall goal of course is revenue, but without exposure and unique tactics, and staying up to date with consumers you will be presented with quite the challenge. Pinterest can expose your properties, your skills and tactics and keep you informed with what your consumers are interested in. Ok – we have it all the right points, so now what?

Now, we let you in on the secret. The 10 Lucky Charms of Pinterest. These are the categories of focus that can grab the attention of new leads, past clients (potential referrals) or maybe you will just get lucky. As you learned in our last Pinterest session we told you about Pinning and Boards.  We have an eBook now available for using Pinterest for Business as well, download it here.

The 10 lucky charms are board topic ideas and these are the top ways we suggest to start using your boards.We have included example titles, but alter as you wish for your Real Estate Niche:

  • Lucky Charms 1 & 2
    Staging Inside and Staging Outside will be used to pin the inside of properties during a sale.  Whether you are pinning recommendations from sources like Southern Living Magazine or, or perhaps showing how you market the inside and outside of properties you have listed.  Showing the online community what you like and how you favor staging, could be the reason your next client contacts you. Stay creative and pin away.
  • Lucky Charm 3
    Recipes are very popular on Pinterest and the Open House recipe suggestion could be a great chance to promote an open house coming up! You will be able to find so many ideas from cocktails, tea parties, to maybe coordinating an Easter egg hunt at your next Open House.  Being unique will make you stand out from the competition.
  • Lucky Charm 4
    It’s hard to stay Organized sometimes, and with your showing ways to be organized within your home, packing techniques, and fast ways to get ready for spring cleaning.  Even if you are grabbing the attention of Pinterest users that are not currently ready to buy or sell, they may follow you and keep you in mind for the future or tell a friend how organized you are.
  • Lucky Charm 5  
    Accomplishments is a board that you will use to show your certifications, awards, events attended and additional branding to demonstarte your credibility and relevance in the Real Estate industry.  Pin a photo from you attending NAR, or a picture of your quickest sale!  This board can be used in so many different avenues to promote yourself as a real estate professional, pin to promote your achievements!
  • Lucky Charm 6 
    The Neighborhood board is one of our favorites.  The board should be used to focus on your niche area(s).  Include pins like restaurant menus from near by hot spots, local event photos, school functions, churches in the area, climate graphs, Civic League events and partners.  Follow neighbors and local businesses and repin theirs to start.  You will get the hang of it.  Point your clients to this board when they ask what is there to do in the area.  This can be used as a presentation board of “Why this neighborhood is a good choice for you” or “Why you should list with me, because I know the neighborhood and support local businesses!” Once you get on the side of local businesses you will then have the opportunity to build stronger and new relationships with them. New connect, new network and potential connections.
  • Lucky Charms 7 & 8  
    The Country Living and Urban Oasis are themed based on what kind of homes or themes properties you are currently selling or looking to list.  The Country Living board will show users pins that focus on country and southern style homes, inside and out.  The Urban Oasis will have a city-penthouse feel to show how you can work with urban properties and new development as well.
  • Lucky Charm 9  
    Architecture is a board that will show unique buildings and properties.  This is a way that you can get away from promoting yourself and find a way to grab the attention of Pinterest users to follow you because if the uniqueness and quality of pins you offer with this board.  Finding interesting content to share is always an excellent choice to gain  extended reach.
  • Lucky Charm 10  
    Now the Properties board with be the major business function of Pinterest for real estate professionals. You will Pin properties for sale, ones you have sold and Open Houses.  You also could Pin properties that you just happen to favor or promote a team member within the company.  Having a board like this is another way to increase exposure of your listing and as a real estate professional; you must take advantage of this growing new platform that has consumers calling it addicting.

Comment below your questions about Pinterest and be sure to download our hot of the press eBook, “Pinterest for Business”.